Child With Nausea/Vomiting, Stomach Pain, And Painful Body Joints And Bones

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newbie99 | 10:10 Tue 24th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Any one got any clues with the above symptoms?
The child has been to GP and A&E with severe stomach pain, body joint pains. One says he has gaseritis, one says he is constipation.
His symptoms has no diarrhea.


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How old is the child. What tests have been done. Does he have fever. Are his joints swollen. Is he eating and then vomiting. Where is the stomach pain
Sounds like stomach flu...
Suspect first one said gastro-entiritis.
Flu can present with gastric symptoms in young children. If he develops a high temperature get further advice make sure he stays hydrated especially if he starts to vomit
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He has no high temperature, but also he has chill (feeling cold), painful joints and arms, neck. Also has mentioned loss of taste on his tongue for a short period, smelling the air makes him sick, see things much brighter than usual. Rumbling tummy pain, and sometimes feels something moves like a worm around his body, he has a chest pain when touched and have breathless moment.
The GP is clueless now and I am just googling to prompt him could it be this or could it be that.
Constipation gets a mention in your OP, is he opening his bowels?
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For his constipation, he is taking Movicol. He has one bowl movement this afternoon. He definitely constipated this morning when he tried but struggled.
If he's struggling with light then phone the GP...
Childhood migraine?
Any rashes?
Chills normally come with a high not low temperature. What does the thermometer show. I think pester the doctor until they can find out what is happening.
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Most symptoms have gone away. However, the pain has moved to the throat and complaining dry throat but no cough.
I have asked for another blood test to check on the thyroid. I am wondering his pain in his eye was to do with thyroid eye disease. The GP is now clueless to what to do next. So I am just googling and asking to to do tests. It's thrustrating that I kind of doing his job. Is this what I expect from a GP?

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Child With Nausea/Vomiting, Stomach Pain, And Painful Body Joints And Bones

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