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What Are The Odds Of My Daughter's Son Being Colour-Blind

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Spanishfly | 17:58 Sat 14th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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I have pprobably known more colour-blind people than most would expect to meet in a lifetime: my maternal grandfather was colour-blind, as is my elder brother, the only one of my parents' five male offspring to be affected. My husband was also colour-blind, as is the elder of his two brothers. Neither of my two children has manifested the gene, but now my daughter is expecting a son, and I'm curious as to his chances of inheriting it - not worried, mind, just curious.


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Colour-blindness is almost an entirely inherited condition and males are about twelve times more likely to inherit it than females (all to do with chromosomes and genes).
They can't cure it yet, but there are amazing glasses which can allow colour-blind people to distinguish colours.
A man is colour blind and has all daughters, none of who are colour blind, yet their sons are colour blind.
one half
the chance is that child will be colour blind is 1/2

standard assumptions - that the colour blindness is red green and that there is no new mutation

wading thro the script - the grandfather of the new baby is colour-blind. Then all his daughters are obligate carriers.
grandad is X(c) Y and all the daughters have to take on the X(c) colour blind gene and chromosome from their father and get the other X gene from their mums in order to be gurlz (XX)

The daughter is now gonna have a son ( the propositus)
His makeup is gonna be XY - the Y from the dad ( think about it) and the X from the mum where there is a choice of two = X and X(c)

so one half will be X(c) Y and will be colour blind sons
and one half will be the other X XY - not colour blind and not carrying it

I thenk yew

The incidence is 8% and doesnt die out in families as far as I know or any loss is balanced by new mutation so the rate stays the same.
and this must mean that there is an evolutionary advantage to being co;our blind in our society

You can see froo camouflage they say - and so colour blind hunters are more successul .... that is what some people say

I have a friend who only sees in black and white.
All 3 of my kids have problems with their eyes, inherited from me, and I was told the chances of passing it on is 50/50. Only one of my boys is colour blind. It's quite mild though...mainly pale colours.
Peter - You have overlooked the colour blindness on SpanishFly's side of the family. There is a 50% chance that she is a carrier. Adding this to your analysis, there is a 75% chance of the grandson being colour blind. Of course, the two sides of the family may have different forms which could affect the analysis.

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What Are The Odds Of My Daughter's Son Being Colour-Blind

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