Funeral Flowers?

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Scarlett | 08:54 Sat 26th Oct 2019 | Body & Soul
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I posted recently that my dad died and the funeral is in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if I’m supposed to send flowers, what type, and when? And also where to?


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The flowers should be sent to the address your dad is being buried from. When you order your flowers, the florist will help you choose the appropriate ones, and they will deliver the flowers on the day of the funeral.
You don't have to send flowers, but if you decide you would like to they can be delivered either to the house, if the funeral is going from a house, or to the funeral director's office. Florists have pictures of appropriate tributes that you can look through.
Is a funeral director handling everything? The are usually the one who know about flowers and where to send them (or other details as many ask for no flowers but donations to a specific charity).
Scarlett, don't worry about 'supposed to' there's no such thing.

If you and Dad shared a love of a particular bloom or colour you could choose a simple spray of those.x
When my mum died, dad was still alive. As a family we got together and just ordered one display from all of us which sat atop the coffin. We each wrote our own personal message on a small card and these were all placed on the display.
We asked for no flowers from anyone else, donations to cancer research instead.
A friend of mine passed away last week (cancer) at 55 years old. His family have asked for family flowers only but donations to Macmillans would be appreciated.
My dad didn't want flowers - he said flowers were for the living. Donations in lieu went to charity.
Our dad was in the chapel of rest so the flowers were sent there. We did say no flowers but loads of people brought them.

Sorry again Scarlett.
Instead of florist flowers we picked flowers and shrubs from dads garden.
We then took them to the funeral director. X
Rockrose that was a lovely idea x
Florist flowers are really expensive as well.
Thank you mally we also had a basket on the coffin filled with mementos to be cremated with him, photos, locks of hair, his favourite gardening hat, empty bottle of whiskey etc
one funeral I heard about gave everyone a bag containing 4 bulbs ,so when they flowered the person would be remembered ,I thought this a nice idea .

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