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long2019 | 14:06 Tue 22nd Oct 2019 | Body & Soul
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saw my pal again been to
doc according to his last blod test his pros got little worse
he is having a another bb in two weeks time the results will be sent to the hospital they will let him know whats to be done he is worried
he told the doc no pain passing water normal flow happens about 2 /3 times a night eating normal no beer if they do a biopsy will it be back or front can it be done on the day sorry for long post it does help him a lot thank u


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My brother in law just recovered from this, caught early and treated.
I had investigations myself, camera into the penis, but was found no tumour, but a natural enlargement because of age.
For future reference, you can post updates as an 'answer' in your original thread.
If there's the possibility of prostate cancer, this might help:

Things to note from that link:
1. A raised PSA level in a blood test can be an indication of cancer but it doesn't prove it; there are other things which can elevate PSA levels too ;

2. Prostate cancer is very slow to develop. (So much so that men diagnosed with it often aren't offered any treatment at all when it's found in its early stages). Many men live with it for decades, without even needing treatment. So, even if your friend is diagnosed with prostate cancer, it's not a death sentence. It can usually be cured or, indeed, virtually ignored in many cases.

I'll also remind you of what I wrote on your other thread, which is that the majority of enlarged prostate problems are benign (i.e. non-cancerous).
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ta once again for brill info h e has read it he seems more relaxed now using the camera does it get done on the day
thank u again
Once the results are passed to them, the hospital will either call him to arrange a suitable appointment, or write to him with an appointment date and time....obviously if he can't make that date or go for any reason, they will probably ask him to call to re-arrange a suitable day.

As far as what exactly the hospital will be doing re: tests etc, all should be explained either by phone or letter. The appointment time and date will be sent out to his address for him to remember.
It's highly likely that they will do tests on the day.
Please tell him I send all the very best wishes.
Chap I know had 15 samples taken for biopsy. He has just been informed he has prostrate cancer and will commence chemotherapy in due course.

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