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long2019 | 19:50 Mon 21st Oct 2019 | Body & Soul
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my palsprostate has got a little bigger
should be worried he also


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Let his doctor deal with it.
How does he know it's got bigger? If a doctor was involved, surely he gave his opinion?
If, indeed, you're worried about it and are experiencing problems with your urine flow, or any sudden sharp or continued pains in your genitals or anus areas, I would recommend a visit to see your GP, where he or she will carry out a prostate check, probably take some bloods too, but at least that will give you peace of mind.
I'm not a medical expert, and there are far knowledgeable folk on this site, such as Sqad, but that is what I would do first.
Good luck long2019
How old is he?
Most prostate enlargement is benign (i.e. it's non-cancerous) but your friend should still get checked out by a GP because
(a) it's best to get the possibility of cancer ruled out altogether ; and
(b) leaving it untreated can lead to some nasty problems.

That last bit is written from experience, as I spent roughly two years telling myself that I really ought to get around to seeing my GP about my frequent need to pee urgently. I left it so long that the prostate gland closed off my urethra altogether, leaving me totally unable to pee. Again I left it far too long before seeking medical attention and ended up (after 11 days with no peeing, hardly any food and hardly any sleep) being taken by ambulance into hospital, where I spent five nights while they tried to restore my kidney function (as my kidneys had all but shut down completely with nowhere to release fluid into).

So tell your friend not to be a total prat (like me) and seek medical advice before things take a turn for the worse.
Are you fully recovered now Chris ?
Question Author
ta for all the nice info
had a chat with him again
he has no pain e ating drinking ok
pee about 3 times at night
he is 78
Apologies long, for interrupting thread .
(With apologies to Henry):

Thanks for asking, Anne. I've recovered from the kidney problems I had but I'm still on the waiting list for an op on my prostate. It's now 9 months since I last had a pee and I'm getting fed up of living with a catheter in. It's also 3 month since I had a pre-op assessment (to check whether I was fit to be operated on), when I was told that my case was on the 'urgent' list but I've still not been given a date yet. (I'm also stuck on a precautionary low-potassium diet until after the op, so I'm not allowed beer, wine, coffee, fruit juice, chocolate, anything with dried fruit in, any type of potato that's not been cut up small and boiled for ages, etc, etc. It's very irritating!)

However I know that there are lot of people who're far worse off than me, so I'm not really moaning - well, not too much, anyway ;-)
three times a night at 78 may be annoying but probably not wildly out of line with 78yos in general. Would drinking less in late afternoon /evening help?

2.8 times a night for Austrian men, more for women
//pee about 3 times at night
he is 78//
Due to his age, that might be normal, but maybe cutting the drinking of tea/coffee/ or anything he drinks late in the night,before bedtime, may cut the 3 times he goes, and if his 'stream' is constant, and not sporadic/in spurts, that would be much better.
Still though, it wouldn't hurt at all to mention his worry to his GP, especially after hearing about Buenchico's terrible experience.

Chris, I do hope you're ok now and fully over it. Must have been awful for you. I send you my best wishes.
Chris, just read your last post......I hope the date for your prostrate operation comes around quickly now, and there, maybe, is some way you can get some help from your GP or direct with the specialist, to bring the date closer.
Take care, Chris, and know you're an inspiration to many, many people on this site, and your help, guidance, and assistance are all greatly appreciated.

**Apologies to long2019**
Thanks, Yogi.
Buenchico - Thsnk you for being so open.
Makes me realise I am not alone.
It is a terrible nuisance.
‘ I shouldn’t moan’ . Yes you should. Contract surgeons secretary .

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