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nailit | 18:33 Wed 15th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Are there any studies done on the effect of chewing nicotine chewing gum?
Throat cancer etc?
I havnt smoked for some time but chewing nicotine gum like a cow chewing grass.


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Nicotine isn't generally regarded as carcinogenic. However one study has suggested that there's a possibility that the use of nicotine gum can increase the risk of mouth cancer (but with further research being needed to actually prove or disprove that theory).

See here:
Yes there have been many studies assessing a possible link with chewing nicotine and mouth cancer, but the results are equivocal, suggesting no causal link OR a minor increase following the use of nicotine gum.
There is a definite link with cigarettes and mouth cancer, so if you need help to stop, then the gum is a sure bet, so no big deal.
other effects are a slight increase in BP of animals, but again transitory and no big deal. may decide to start smoking again when you read the effects of using the gum...!
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Thanks for replies Chris, Sqad and ging.
Still going through the links ;-)
ging's link though might explain some of my recent complaints
(insomnia, dizziness etc)

Next step is to get of the bloody nicotine substitute!!
Like heroin addicts taking methodone. Never understood the philosophy of swapping one addiction for a 'similar' one, as though its any better or helping in any way.

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Nicotine Chewing Gum

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