Shoulder Pain

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Samcotton85 | 18:00 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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I went to the gym last year (July 2018) and really hit it hard! It was the first time I've ever gone to the gym in my 33 years of being on this earth. Ever since then I have had a dull nagging ache in my shoulder. It's particularly noticeable (not painful) when I do things like grab my washing pile or lift something with that arm or reaching round to grab the seat belt or reaching round to scratch my back.

The Dr said I must have sprained it but I'm not convinced. I've been to acupuncture and that did *** all. I have regular sports massages which seems to ease it but then it returns. I have a high RA (Rheumatoid Factor) so I fear for artheritis. Mt diet is clean (Paleo) so I don't have gluten or dairy which are inflammatory foods.

Anyone know what it could be? I want to get back in the gym. 9 months of this is grating on me now.


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Sounds like a torn Rotatory Cuff injury. It can be alleviated with Physiotherapy or an operation is a last resort. You need an MRI scan to verify if this is what it is.
It might be Painful Arc Syndrome (but I'm not a doctor). I have this syndrome. It began when I lifted my up-and-over garage door, and when I returned my arm to the pointing-down position, I had a sharp pain when my arm was halfway down. The GP said it was Painful Arc Syndrome. It now aches often, especially when I am lying in bed. There is no real cure, apart from surgery, if it gets bad enough. You might like to look it up.
A high Rheumatoid factor cannot be ignored and would certainly suggest that Rheumatoid arthritis should be excluded.
I would suggest that you diplomatically ask your Dr to go down this route which would involve MRI of your shoulder.
A positive Rh factor is occasionally seen in normal subjects.
Symmetrical joint swelling is characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis . I would insist on an MRI . Your symptoms are typical of a rotary cuff injury.
I had pain similar to this and it took many months to clear up, but it did eventually.
You may need to see a trained physiotherapist, who can advise on suitable exercise to overcome it.
Hitting any sport or exercise hard from zero will always result in injuries. Build up slowly from a low level.

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Shoulder Pain

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