Four And Half Months Post Procedure

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queenofmean | 09:59 Mon 11th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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It’s been 4.5 months or so since I had tissue removed from my cervix. It went well and I healed well.

Waited 7 or 8 weeks before practicing the horizontal tango, no problems.

However yesterday was a different matter, he sort of nudged the area that was dealt with and the pain was quite sharp and sudden. Since then I’ve had a dull ache in that area (I’ve taken some pain relief). My period is late but I’m not pregnant and it doesn’t feel period related. Just feels odd especially after such a longish time to start hurting.

Should I go get it checked out or just keep an eye on things.



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Keep an eye on "his thing" Queenie ;-)
Nothing urgent springs to mind.......just monitor the situation for the next few months.
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Haha Ozzy...we are both fit in that department we get checked.

Will do Sqad, as I said I just thought it odd after such a time that it would start to hurt.

Thank you for your replies.

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Four And Half Months Post Procedure

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