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bednobs | 23:39 Sat 09th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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does anyone here use an alternative to disposable sanitary wear?
i keep seeing ads for washable pads, or those little cup things or period pants and wondered if anyone had any experience of how practical they actually are, and how comfy etc


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One of my daughters has used a Mooncup successfull on and off over the years and has recommended it.

Were I still menstruating I would happily try some of the reuseable pads, many get very good reviews.
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the thing is i would like to try but they are very expensive. it's not like you woul want to buy them 2nd hand i suppose!
I guess not, strange though because years ago I happily bought some second hand terry nappies.

Does no supplier do singles to try?

Though they may not be the best brand of course.
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yes they do but singles about a fiver plus delivery
Hopefully someone will see this who can vouch for them.
I know this isn't really an answer but this is a competition to win a pair of pants.
Amazon have lots of different sized and absorbency bamboo ones. Lovely patterns too! Packs of varying quantity and prices. Some good reviews if you can trust them
I echo the recommendation for the mooncup.
My wife and daughters have been using the mooncup for years. My wife has tried the much cheaper version and really did not like it, not as comfortable as less pliable, she is telling me.
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i wonder how practical they actually are say when you're at work and you have to take it the sink in the communal loos to rinse it
I know there is a group near me that hold classes to make your own sanitary pads! a bit odd really considering all the products available.
Ratter, its about recycling and saving money
I’ve never seen them for sale in a shop. I see you can buy one online for about £22. I don’t think it would be worth it for me as I’m perimenopausal.

Can anyone give me the approximate measurements of them? I can’t get a sense of scale from the pictures on
Thanks Mamya.
You're welcome.
I brought the boots "mooncup" i think it's called kind
Benifits: holds more, so you don't have to change as often , you don't feel it once inside, it dosn't have all the toxins that tampons do, It does work out to be much cheaper in the long run. It reduces the amount of waste going to land fill
Cons: It is no where near as practical as disposables, i would want to be at home to clean it after each use. You do have to put your fingers into your vigina to get it out (i know my sister wouldn't be able to do this) you use more water and cleaning products than if you were using disposables. i probally spend about 20 mins during each period cleaning it. You can only leave it in for 8 hours, i know this is the same as tampons, but i really wish you could leave it in longer

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