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chrissa1 | 22:39 Thu 07th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Are as follows:-

“Your recent MRI scan has shown no abnormality within the inner ear. It has shown some small vessel changes in the supply to your brain and as such I have copied the information to your GP. I would suggest having a conversation with your GP to make sure that this is appropriately managed.”

What will be or could be done about this, if anything? Thanks.

At least they found a brain. :)


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Such changes are common as we get older and though they may present as problems for some, for many they don't.

Once your GP is in the know you can have a chat about anything that bothers you.
At least it is the blood vessels and not the arteries. I`ll probably be told off for posting a link (by sqad) I`m not sure I would be too bothered if it was me
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Thanks both of you. That’s sort of what I thought.
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Ooh. That link was quite scary but not too bad. I do have to walk briskly to maintain a straight line and can’t walk slowly very well. Forewarned is forearmed.
No sign for alarm...good..see gp as advised...and don't fret xx
I've had the same. I had an MRI scan in November after complaining of slight deafness in my left ear. The consultant told me in December that my ear was fine but that I had "small cell disease" in my brain. He said that it was very common in older people (I'm 62) and not to worry about it; he then showed me a few little white dots on the brain scan image. He referred me back to my GP for blood pressure and cholesterol tests. My blood pressure is fine but I'm waiting for the blood test results as they are coming from the hospital.

The way to lessen the number of small cells becoming diseased, is healthy eating and exercise to reduce high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
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Thanks for that, carrot99. That’s reassuring. My blood pressure has always been fine and I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago.
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I’ve just turned 68.
Chrissa, I haven’t had an MRI head scan but reckon I have something similar, my balance isn’t great and I’ve put it down to the labrynthitis I had 18 months ago.
Not much fun this getting old malarkey is it, although I don’t much fancy the alternative :/
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Ha ha. I agree, ethandron.

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