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jennyjoan | 10:54 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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my surgery at the mo are ballsing things about I have been to 3 different secretaries (we have two practices) anyway 3 different secretaries are giving me 3 different stories regards the appointments Now if it was an emergency I'd be doing something about it.

Anyway some more of my relatives have been diagnosed diabetic (early stages|). Rather than me going to my surgery in an "open clinic" can I go to a pharmacist per se and pay. Thanks


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Personally I don't think pharmacist will be able to help you, think you will need blood test, or at least your blood sugars tested.
What's the issue with making an appointment to see your GP?
It is not an emergency so just pick whichever appt suits yu amd take it. No problems.
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well this is the craic - I have to make an appointment with my GP to get his permission from him to allow a nurse to take a blood sample which is another appointment. Unrealistic this is - as I hate wasting GP's time.
JJ....Just do what you are told.
LLoyds pharmacies do a blood sugar test. Do you have LLoyds in your area?
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ok Sir LOL
Even if a pharmacist could check your blood sugar, it'd only be a one off result of your blood sugar at that time and, if it indicted a possible issue, then you'd have to go back to your GP anyway.

They can do a very clever blood test which gives, as I understand it, an average blood sugar reading over a three month period, so more info than a one off test of your blood sugar at one particular time.

I've had a few higher readings before now on a general blood sugar test but the longer test has been very helpful in checking my blood sugar generally and determining that it's not diabetes.

I saw a doc who suspected diabetes he sent me for blood test then I rebooked a doc appointment and he explained my meds I would need and wrote prescription x
then I make appointments to see diabetic nurse x^^^^^^
That's the one, thanks Sqad! Very clever stuff!
Jenny I'm not sure what you expect, if GP recommends blood test, the surgery cannot have nurses on standby "waiting " if blood test is required?
However you may not need one.
To add its not your GP's permission to have bloods tested, it's his diagnosis as to wether one is required.

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