Can You Get A Sleeper Ring In Your Lobe Straight Away After Piercing?

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spathiphyllum | 12:42 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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Can you put a sleeper ring in your ear lobe straight away appose to a barbell stud or a labret?


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I would say as long as it's gold or some other non irritant metal and thick enough to maintain the hole width as it heals. Most hoops have a much narrower wire that might cause the skin to grow over it. Just a guess mind, years since I had my ears pierced.
I believe so.
I believe there are special ear-piercers that will deliver a ring straight through the newly-pierced hole, at the same time the hole is pierced.
However, they may not be common, so you may have to make lots of enquiries.
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Pyxis, that sounds like a 'gun' method. I'm kind of against them as i've seen them mess up my friends lobes and nose!

Cheers both.

Yes prudie, would be expecting it to be surgical stainless steel or silver.
Many years since I had my ears pierced but I thought you had, to have a ring in straightaway, to stop the hole sealing itself up again.
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you do have to have something in straight away, i'm jsut curious if it has to be a barbell first to allow heal time then you're able to change it or if you can get a ring straight away
Yes you can have a sleeper, you can have anything you fancy for that matter that will fit through the hole.
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I had a helix once and they wouldn't let me, but that's cartilage where as the lobe is just some flappy skin so i was quite curious
I have my lobes pierced 3 times the two higher of which I've done myself and I just stuck whatever sterile gold earring I fancied through and they healed perfectly, sleepers are certainly no problem.
In my experience wherever you get pierced some thing needs inserting to stop the "hole" healing

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Can You Get A Sleeper Ring In Your Lobe Straight Away After Piercing?

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