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cupotee2 | 14:28 Tue 27th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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I have 2 small packages to return to Amazon. The returns system I chose isn't one I am familier with.

I was expecting to print a label and return the packages via the post office..instead I have to "take my phone to the shop and get the code Amazon sent to get it scanned"? I am totally confused as first I don't have an internet phone..and no label to attach to the parcel even if I had.

I can't find anywhere in Amazon to answer my question...where can I find a return address to post the packages..Can anyone help me please.


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maybe Cupotee if you read instructions from Amazon again you might come up with something. sometimes in looking too hard you can miss vital information
You get the option to print or not when you first start the returns process - I did when I returned one last week.
You may have missed it and that is the alternative
Give them a ring and talk to them about your problem.

0800 279 7234
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Thank you...I obviously didn't choose the print a lable option.
I think you print the labels and the PO scan them.
...and don't (whatever you do) just return them to any old Amazon address. You need prior "authorisation" to make returns and return them to a specified address.
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Thank you everyone. I posted the packages today after contacting someone at Amazon who was very helpful and supplied an address.

I should have posted during last week but the snow stopped me getting to the post office.

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