Fat Fingers

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skyplus | 23:14 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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I generally sit on my hands because I am so embarrassed about the size of my fingers. I do fonger exerc ises but to no avail. Why are my hands like that of a man?

Any help appreciated

Thank you all in advance


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I'd be prepared to bet that hardly anybody else notices your fingers (and that those who do couldn't care less about whether they're fat or thin anyway).

However you might find this useful:
Not enough information:

Have they always been fat or just recently?
Are your ankles swollen?
Did your parents have pudgy fingers?
Have you any underlying medical condition?
You are what you are. Simply accept the person you are. It may help if you didn't opt to relate wide fingers to maleness. Fingers don't have muscles so I'm unsure what exercises you think would help. If they did have muscles wouldn't you just be building them up to be bigger ?

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Fat Fingers

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