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nailit | 10:27 Mon 14th Aug 2017 | Body & Soul
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how much zopiclone would it take to kill you?


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nailit.... go put kettle on xx
Have you?.........or a are you considering it?
Question Author
considering it!
Just don't want to end up a cabbage. I'm *NOT* doing another jail sentence
And you think it is reasonable to lay this on a forum of strangers....?

You haven't explained what happened on Saturday night and you don't know that you are looking at a 'stretch', yet.
If you need someone to talk to

If you want to call someone about how you feel or how you deal with someone else's behaviour, you could contact:

Staffordshire Doctors Out of Hours Service - Telephone: 111
Trained nurses can give you help and support 24 hours a day.

The Samaritans - Telephone: 116 123 (Free)
Textphone: 08457 90 91 92
The Samaritans offer a 24-hour confidential telephone helpline. You can also contact them via email or write to them.

Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline
Telephone: 0808 800 2234
Text: 07860 022821
Online Chat:

7pm-2am Weekdays 2pm -2am Weekend don't know you'll be going to prison.

Don't do anything stupid. This cloud will pass eventually.

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// And you think it is reasonable to lay this on a forum of strangers....? //
My bad im sorry. Thought I did.
I don't mean to worry people but I'm desperate here. my heads up my jacksie and I dont know what to do.
Go for a sleep, Nailit, and think with a straight head. Alcohol addles the brain. It works for a while but then just puts you in a darker place.

Have you got food in?
Question Author
Tills, ive rung them numbers until I'm blue in the face....Ive asked for help from the mental health services and they've promised to get back to me...not a sausage! Spent the night in the cells with promises....from a mental health worker... that they will get back to me. I wont hold my breath! Been there done that.
Question Author
// Alcohol addles the brain//
ur not wrong there ummmm.
try and eat then sleep a bit nailit....we'll still be here xx
I understand how alcohol can help numb your feelings and help you stop over thinking. Have too much though and you end up in a darker place than you started.

Mental health care is dismal and that isn't confined to the UK. I assume your mates are at work?
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This is what medics don't (or wont) get! I CANT sleep, its driving me mad. I was given sleeping tabs in the cells on Saturday, I was awake again 4 hours later. I'm currently drunk as a skunk, (bottle of vodka and 2 cans of strong lager) and I'm AWAKE, I cant seem to sleep. And cant even knock myself out anymore.
What size bottle of vodka?

Don't go to sleep then. Just lie down and listen to music. Rest your body and mind.

If sleep comes, bonus, if it doesn't at least you're rested.
as ummmmm said try and eat a wee bit though !
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1/2 bottle ummm
Question Author
minty, I cant face food at all,
nailit, I don't generally post on your threads crying out for help because I don't do giving sympathy very well.

But you surely didn't expect an answer to your OP did you?
I think it is a step too far and agree with jth.

The help you need is not going to be found on the pages of Answerbank.
headphones with music.. sit down and try and rest a bit
Nailit, ask your GP to organise inpatient rehab.

The first thing you need to do is detox. You cannot look at your life, your situation and your options for the future when you are under the influence.

This is going to be a long and difficult road ahead but you need to make a start somewhere.

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