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queenofmean | 22:38 Sun 25th Sep 2016 | Body & Soul
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I think after the other day my body was giving me a wee wake up call and I'm determined there is no time like the present to change my habits.

I eat rather healthily - the odd take away or ready meal but that is NOT often, all my meals are made from scratch other wise and I'm determined to get my diabetes back where it was before losing my mum.

I'm aiming to drink more water and limit my juice intake which is so far going ok but I'm so tired - probably due to caffeine. I'm hoping this will pass. I drank 2l yesterday which for me is good.

I walk a lot and I'm looking at going back to swimming and getting back on my multivits too.

I'm hoping my weight will change for the better too and everything will fall into place.

Is there any benefits of me doing this and is there anything I should be careful with?


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Hiya Queenie ;)
Course there are benefits for you to do this!
Well done you!

x x x
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Hi Baths and Grasscarp.

I'm hoping so too :)

I'm a type 1 Grasscarp but some of the information could be useful for myself too xx
Queenie, this is exactly what I am doing and the weight is dropping of gradually.
I cut down drinking, chocolate. And I feel better for it.
Some days for lunch I have a homemade smoothie and watch portion sizes for dinner. Keep it up!!
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Thank you Sharon - good luck too!

I had some nasty last week and while I ate small portions to keep my sugars going and drank more water I found I didn't need to snack. I'd like to try smoothies but I'd probably take them at breakfast as that's my nightmare meal/time of day!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!
Hi queenie....there are 2 American doctors who've studied, treated, and written extensively in the treatment of diabetes with a low carb diet. One is Dr Richard Bernstein...himself a type 1 diabetic since childhood. The other is Dr Jason Fung,who has been in the science news a lot recently due to his use of both low carb and moderate fasting to treat diabetes.( not starvation fasting...just a wider "window" between meals).
Here is an article written by Dr Fung about Dr Bernstein. It may be of interest to you.'s quite long.
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Thank you Pasta - I will have a read of that tomorrow.

I'd say my diet is relatively low carbs but will have a good read tomorrow when I have a bit more time, and see if I can improve.

Queenie, I know you know your diabetes very well, and how to keep yourself as healthy as possible. It requires great discipline on your part. But we know who else knew your diabetes as well as you ( mum) she would keep a very close eye on you, and maybe nagged if needed. Now the responsibility is yours. You can do it ........:-)
I wouldn't bother with the smoothies, just eat the actual food.

Can't answer your question,,,,,but.

Go girl, look after yourself and shine.....

You only have one chance at life.
We now drink only decaff tea & coffee at home & find it very enjoyable.
I was a serious caffeine addict most my life. I gave it up for lent some years back. No coffee, chocolate or coke; made me very ill. Luckily I didn't associate the illness with caffeine withdrawal (my OH did though)

Most days I only allow myself 1 cup of coffee.
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I know Anne, she'd probably tell me it won't last but hey I'm sure it will.

I'm not a tea lover so I'm ok on that front.

I'm the same ummm I was drinking up to 4 cans of Diet Coke a day now I'm on 1 and one Caffeine free at night. So far so good though I just can't quite dig the headache and the feeling tired but I'm sure my body will get used to that soon enough.

I quite like the idea of smoothies though spesh at breakfast as I don't want to eat in the morning so in a roundabout way this is helpful to me. But will see I'm off for a bowl of cereal now.
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Oh and thank you 1ozzy for the support!
Do it slowly and sensibly and the results / health benefits will be better and longer lasting. I am real hater of "crash diets"

Plenty of water -YES
If your schedule allows eat 6 smaller meals a day
Reduced intake of fats
Vary your protein sources, Red meat/ turkey/ chicken and oily fish
The 5 a day cliché is a good guide, ensure 1 portion with each meal and a portion of carbohydrate (you still need them never cut them out)
Swap "white" foods for wholemeal (pasta, bread, rice etc)
Don't be afraid of a bit of flavour using spices and rubs rather than shop bought sauces
Regular exercise - 45 mins x 3-4 sessions per week minimum is plenty - over doing it wont make much difference as recovery is key
ALLOW TREATS - it keeps you sane and gives you something to aim for. When I am being strict I still have a Friday night off and have a few beers and a chippy tea, it is absolutely fine!!
Reduce caffeine even if you just knock down by one cup a day over the course a month that's 30 less caffeine drinks, it will make a difference
Supplements are not essential and I would never recommend to somebody who's medical background I didn't know. But some people will take various supplements and vitamins to support (but never replace) a balanced lifestyle.

Good luck and stick at it - the first few weeks of any type of change is the hardest part. Fatigue and feeling out of sorts is normal if you begin to withdraw and/or cut down on certain foods and stimulants - keep your water intake up it helps

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Thank you JD for your information.

I'm not a fan of crash diets either. I just want to better myself a little bit ready for planning a healthy pregnancy but this I also hope will lead to better control to allow me to do such. But since the weekend I feel less bloated and I feel brighter too. So it's a very good start plus my sugars are coming down greatly too :)

Thank you again for your information ;)
Bowl of porridge for brunch...keeps me going till dinner at 7 ;)
Good luck

x x

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