I Have Joined Weight Watchers New Lifestyle Feeling Better

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gordiescotland1 | 22:10 Thu 17th Mar 2016 | Body & Soul
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I have joined weight watchers I am 5 feet 4 and 15 stone 8 a bmi of 37.4 I am determined to do this and get rid of the weight. I have changed to skimmed milk and cut out all biscuits cakes chocolate etc had none for 3 days now. I am also walking 3 miles a day. The gallbladder pain is not nearly as bad. I have been eating baked potatoes with beans, porridge and I have switched bread for oatcakes. I am looking forward to the weigh in next week, I am also drinking water 4 glasses a day at the moment but planning on working up to 8. I am feeling good at the moment.


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Great news , this will be your year - good luck.
Good luck gordie I'm with Slimming World but have friends who are doing well with WW. They both work and staying to class is essential Keep at I bet you are looking forward to you weigh in you are doing so well and all the right things. I have lost 3st 9lbs and am doing 100% more exercise than I did before which was zero. I'm walking doing Hydroaerobics and pilates Keep us posted on your progress
Good for you gordie, you will feel and see the benefits.
Just concentrate on your feel good factor and keep going, Gordie. Good luck!
Well done. Keep it up. :-)
Great feeling when you take that first important step. Sounds as if you are really determined so you will get there. Good luck with the journey.
Well done you!! It have been a year since I retired and living a sedentary lifestyle and to my horror I found that I have put on 2 stones!!!! Shock horror. I am getting Easter over with (well the chocolates) and I will be cutting back and getting much more exercise.

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I Have Joined Weight Watchers New Lifestyle Feeling Better

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