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hippyhoppy | 17:42 Wed 09th Dec 2015 | Body & Soul
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Are you sitting comfortably.... last week the boyfriend said he had to take his mother out on a 'birthday weekend' so I was dispached home, only to read on Facebook he was in the pub with his mates by 3pm on the Saturday.... I diligently rang him to be informed he was taking his daughter Christmas shopping in Chester on Monday (fair enough), but he would come to see me on Tuesday as we wouldn't have seen each other for nearly two weeks... Facebook remarks galore re eating at a fancy resturant and drinking copious amounts of wine (again.. fair enough)... So rang him yesterday morning and 'oh.. I'm too poorly to travel'.... If you're still awake/reading.. we're meant to be going to Cornwall on a mini break on Monday... So donning my 'petulant child' hat, I sent him a text yesterday and said, 'if you can't be arsed to come here, I don't think I can be arsed to come to you on Sunday'.... Not heard a peep since.. I trust Cornwall is a very dim prospective... (happy birthday Hippy :-( )


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Too many lies there Hippy - ditch him.
Doesn't sound very reliable does he ??
Tell him to F..acebook off, hippy..and enjoy your birthday :)
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The irony is today is our 1 year anniversary.... hay ho... Maybe I'll get another boyfriend in another 8 years....
Why do people always say 'ditch' them? End what otherwise might be a happy's daft.

Anyway...Monday is ages away. You can sort it out before then.

He's not a boyfriend he's a millstone around your neck = say bye bye and save yourself a lot of stress. Enjoy your birthday with 'nice' people.

If that was directed at my post ummmmm - we are each entitled to our opinion - I don't agree with yours but wouldn't be rude about it.
He's a bloke, not generally known for their thoughtfulness. Enjoy your strop - it'll blow over soon enough.
I wasn't rude.

You can't judge someone from 1 negative post about them. We don't know what he's like besides this.

Do people really walk away from a relationship so easily?
Good point. Is he normally reliable, hoppy?
Do not waste another moment of your time on him.
you deserve better
Each to his/her own ummmmm
The op (I imagine) posted for people to comment on - from a personal point of view I think his behaviour is dismissive and not something I'd look for in a relationship - however, you are quite right that it's difficult to judge with just one instance but I'd think it unlikely if this was a one off that the op would have thrown a strop as she sounds such a nice person.
I agree...he's lying to you. What more do you need to know?
Am I alone in finding it odd that people who are pulling a fast one brag about it on social media? Had he kept quiet, no-one would have been any the wiser.
He certainly is a liar !
Cut your losses soonest and don't fret - there are lots of good men out there....
It's rare you'll find someone who is perfect.
Reading it again...

He took his mother out on Saturday and then went to the pub...

Monday he took his daughter shopping, had a meal and drinks.

Tuesday he was hungover...

Yeah...that is truly despicable behaviour....!

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