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Navigation App For Large Hospitals?

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Matheous-2 | 19:19 Sun 10th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Any ABrs came across a navigation app to assist out patients and visitors around the larger city hospitals?


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No I haven't but having spent a fair amount of time in varying hospitals I find that the internal maps are sufficient enough. All hospitals generally have very good signposting so I couldn't see a reason to create an app. Although I am sure some people would find it preferable.

Always found the Signage/Maps to be adequate.
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The hospital I am referring to has many, many additional buildings- is still much of a building site consequently a real H & S hazard. The buildings are actually in the process of swallowing FIVE other hospitals from the Glasgow area - signage is dire so navigation is much like climbing without a map or compass, plus avoiding traffic moving through. I really feel for the elderly,infirm and partially sighted or blind coming into such a site. To cause even more confusion- one building is named as Glasgow South New Hospital....
One other point I have noted about this site makes me wonder if the positions and relationships of these buildings to each other with regard to the accelerated flow of the wind has been taken into account in the overall design. I think not!
I was SO glad to get home!
I suppose, to be fair creating a helpful map probably cannot be done until all building and renovation is complete. Thankfully my wife has been discharged from her particular clinic although I do fear for the success of this complex

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Navigation App For Large Hospitals?

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