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Hay Fever

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melv16 | 16:16 Mon 11th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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What are the symptoms of the above. My eyes are continually watering and feel gritty:(


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The symptoms can vary from person to person. Mine change each year.
This year, I am sneezing a lot, have itchy ears, itchy skin and a dripping nose. Charming, isn't it!

Last year I suffered with itchy eyes, which became rather red and sore, resulting in feeling tired most of the time, stuffy nose and a crappie cough. A bit like a summer cold, but all season!

Anti-histamines will help.
Itchy eyes, tickly throat, not just sneezing. Take a hay fever pill and see if it helps.
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Can you get hay fever in your 40's?
Yes, Melv.
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I've never had as much as a sniffle until now:(
Hay Fever is bad this year. The pharmacist told me that he has seen a lot more people with it than other years.
You could try some anti histamine drops for your eyes. If you take anti-histamine tablets, take them at night because they can make you drowsy.

The non-drowsy ones do nothing for me.
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Can you get them over the counter, tilly?
The last time I had really bad hay fever I used local honey - I was sceptical but it worked (and it was a lot cheaper than tablets). Haven't had it since.
Yes, Melv, you can. Go and ask at the pharmacy.
Yes, you can buy the anti histamine drops over the counter although they didn`t work for me. There are a few products around (sodium cromoglicate 2% is another one) and you hve to find what works best for you.
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Thank for your answers.
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No common or garden and run of the mill hay fever for me. After a visit to the opticians they have diagnosed Blepharitis. Lots of drops to put in my eyes:-(

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Hay Fever

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