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Tightness In My Oesophagus After Peanut Butter Again Last Time I'm Eating It Panicking It's Anaphylaxis

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gordiescotland1 | 17:18 Sat 09th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Hi there about 90 minutes ago I had a sandwich with peanut butter about half an hour later I experienced what can only be described as acid reflux I've had that before I experienced pain in my back when swallowing and my gullet felt very tight as if something was stuck I've taken antacids and beginning to feel slightly better I started to panic and thought it might be anaphylaxis but I'm am still able to drink. I am wondering if I am intolerant to it rather than allergic to it I'm 43 never had any kind of nut allergy before


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If you were in anaphylaxis, you wouldn't be typing on here, Geordie.

Have you ever seen anyone having an anaphylactic fit?
You posted a similar question just a few days ago. Quite why you have persisted with your lunch choice is a mystery to me.

Anaphylaxis is very, very unlikely IMHO.

But what would I know I'm just a woman.
Just avoid it if seems to disagree with you.
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I am it's the last time I'm eating it I've thrown it in the bin
Its as likely to be the bread as the peanut butter that gives you acid reflux and tightness of the gullet.

Try a different sandwich and if thats OK then swap your peanut butter for another filling. Otherwise have a soup or salad lunch maybe.
as Maydup says, try eliminating one ingredient at a time and see what that does for you.
Tilly's right, Geordie. Allergies can just appear for no apparent reason, equally they can disappear. A friend of mine - no known food allergies - suddenly collapsed in a restaurant a few years ago and was in hospital for quite a while. She'd reacted to a combination of foodstuffs. (Still alive and kicking by the way.) Best avoid peanuts.
Make sure you don't listen to any women, now!
What is your advice on a medical level Pete then? is my opinion that your symptoms have little or indeed nothing to do with your intolerance or allergy to peanut butter.

Monitor the situation for the next 4 weeks and if your symptoms recur, then see you GP as an endoscopy may be required.
Geordie...did you read the answers we gave you the other day? *sigh*.
Do you get/seek any help to deal with your anxiety issues and advice on the importance of diet to manage your diabetes?

I don't think Geordie ever really listens.
Anaphylactic shock is an emergency condition, you would be unable to breathe, let alone type on a forum.
I doubt its anaphylaxis, it could be related to your acid reflux, maybe a hiatus hernia. best to avoid heavy fats.
I do not think it my place to give anyone medical advice.
The above contributions all appear to be sensible to me.

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Tightness In My Oesophagus After Peanut Butter Again Last Time I'm Eating It Panicking It's Anaphylaxis

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