Sudden 'crossed Eyes'

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Purple_Popple | 20:03 Wed 06th Aug 2014 | Body & Soul
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This evening while driving home I experienced what I can only describe as a sudden 'cross eyes' sensation almost like i was fighting to correct my vision, accompanied by slight dizziness which lasted for around 15 seconds, then passed, like someone had pulled both my eyes inwards. I have had this a couple of times before but this was last year, it left me feeling slightly wobbly/shaky but no nausea or anything. I may not be describing this very well as it is difficult to put into words. Otherwise fit and healthy.


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Sounds like Labyrinthitis to me. Bit like coming off the waltzers?

Your GP can prescribe something for this. It's horrible, can be quite scary too.
Nothing obvious comes to you car an old car?
Could the exhaust be leaking as you symptoms may well be due to carbon monoxide entering the car.
get it checked.
Purple...this has been happening to me for years....not just when driving. I call it my buzzy if my eyes flicker from side to side at speed and I feel slightly giddy.

I assumed it happens to everyone from time to time, especially when tired.

I do have a slight problem during eye tests....when they are getting me to follow a finger to the eyes go so far and start flickering....I think there is a name for it but I forget...

You could have a check but mine hasn't worsened over the years.

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Hi, it's not nystagmus, my eyes aren't darting from side to side, it is a 'sensation' of my eyes gong boss-eyed, loss of focus and slight dizziness that passes after say 15 seconds. It's not my car as i would get it everytime and I have had about 3 epsiodes of so far, today and last year - an epidose in May and another in June - someone said it was high blood pressure, but I've had that checked again recently and blood pressure is good. I though perhaps a hypo attack but I wasnt hungry. suggestion has been "kicked into touch."

Transient attacks....occasional attacks....have been going on for over a year.

Are you suffering from any underlying problems and are you taking any medication?

Still no diagnosis "hits me in the face."
It sounds like going into a daze.
I get that problem when I think things are really going well for me then someone jumps round the corner and kicks me in the nuts.I go boss-eyed,giddy,nauseous and my knees go wobbly.
I think I've experienced both the flickering side to side and moving off centre experiences. Doesn't happen often, not giving any other issues, I ignore it. Stops fairly quickly when it does occur.

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Sudden 'crossed Eyes'

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