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sara3 | 21:10 Tue 29th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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I have chronic lower back and pelvic pain, most likely due to my hypermobility, and am awaiting a hospital appointment.

In the meantime, I want to cry a bit! I have all manner of painkillers in the house (nothing seems to help) and what I really want is a pain-free night's sleep tonight.

What would you recommend? btw, I have to get up for work in the morning!


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the combination of paracetamol and bruffen work for me, especially backache. what about a hot water bottle.
A wheat bag heated in a microwave for a few minutes can help when put against the painful area. The wheat grains can be bought from a wholefood shop and sewn into a canvas bag.
The only thing that guarantees me a good nights sleep when my back goes is alcohol
but elvis, sara working in the am :(
Question Author
I have a heat pack, which is kind of comforting but doesn't cover the whole painful area and doesn't see me through the night.

I have paracetemol and Ibuprofen..

thanks :o)
Have you tried a cold pack instead? Its good for inflammation....not knowing much about hypermobility,I don't know if it would be useful for you.
Ibuprofen and codeine - branded as Nurofen Plus or Cuprofen+ or similar generic versions - the nuclear option when my back locks up ...
As above (sunny D) I'd go with paracetamol and Nurofen plus. I've been taking them together, every four hours, for the past week for chronic toothache. It's the only thing that touches it.

Sleep on a firm base or board under mattress. Keep a straight posture on a firm seat, no spinal twist or leg crossing. Keep an electric blanket on while you sleep so your body remains straight.

Hope your pain eases.
Question Author
thank you all :o)

I've been through the medical box.. wow, loads of out of date stuff!

I have Co-codamol (500mg), Naproxen (500mg), Brufen (600mg, bought abroad), Ibuprofen (200mg), Paracetemol (500mg) and some strange pink tablets that my friend in Tenerife gave me Gelocatil Codeina (500/15mg??)
...... and Migraleve (Paracetemol, Codeine and Buclizine)!!

somebody suggest the cocktail please!
Brufen and paracetamol.... although, i've just been told off for saying every four hours. Apparently it's every six hours :-/

I do hope you feel a bit better soon. When's your hospital appointment?
I`d be inclined to go for the naproxen as it is a NSAID (same as ibuprofen) so will be a an anti-inflamatory as well as a painkiller. I personally think it is more effective than ibuprofen but it can be harsher on the stomach so I wouldn`t use it if I had a sensitive stomach or history of ulcers.
Question Author
thanks 237, I have a cast iron stomach!

Baby_Sham thanks.. no idea. the GP put off referring me, saying they wouldn't be able to help me, then agreed.. I waited for a month, chased it up..... they forgot to refer me :o/
Question Author
pasta.. sorry.. I have an ice-pack. I know it brings down inflammation, I'm just cold and bloody miserable.

and if my neighbour's don't stop drilling and hammering, there will be blood!
Awww, it sounds horrible :-(
You need to get on with the paracetamol and Ibuprofen, get yourself a warm blanket, and settle down for the night. Poor you :-(
Do you sleep on the floor?

Try it.

You need a pillow for your head - obviously, one for under your lower back, and one under your bottom.

If you sleep on your side, you need one for your head, one under your hip and one under the knee you are lying on.

Hope it helps. X.

Prescription only - Zapain - 500 mg. Paracetamol and 30 mg. Codeine. Doctor prescribed these for me when I broke my ribs which as anyone who has ever done this will tell you is bloody painful. Was the only thing that worked. Can you ask your doctor if you can have some.
Question Author
I think my GP thinks I'm an addict because I keep asking for something stronger.. but they just don't help!
I'm not going to sleep on the floor, no one medical has ever suggested it and I just can't face it! the only extra pillows that help is if I put one under my knees when I lie flat.

thanks again all.. will take a handful of something!
Question Author
my neighbour has just come and apologised for the drilling and hammering.

he's lucky I didn't kill him!
i have hypermibility

do not sleep on the floor.
it is not advisable for hypermobility - unless you lie totally flat all night - but you may end up stiff and sore on the joints

a firm mattress is definitely wise though.
you could try a pillow on the back of your knees to raise your legs, that helps my hips

also i find if i ball up a tshirt or something and put it between me and the bed on the bit that is hurting most, and lie flat for about 15 mins or so, it seems to 'reset' the bones a bit.

i got this idea from my chiropractor who would put wedges under me in certain places to 'balance' my hips etc

for me its best in the upper middle of back - on the curve, but also on the left hip.

you might also try just getting up and moving around a bit to 'loosen it up - i find if im still too long i seize up and the pain is worse - stretching, bending etc can help

codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen all at once- also try emugel or ibuprofen gel

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