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sara3 | 21:10 Tue 29th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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I have chronic lower back and pelvic pain, most likely due to my hypermobility, and am awaiting a hospital appointment.

In the meantime, I want to cry a bit! I have all manner of painkillers in the house (nothing seems to help) and what I really want is a pain-free night's sleep tonight.

What would you recommend? btw, I have to get up for work in the morning!


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sara and joko, I can sympathise with you both, I'm the same, I can't remember the last time i had a full nights sleep, uninterupted and with no pain,
I usually end up wandering around the house in the early hours and taking more pain killers because I just cant get comfy or sleep cos of the pain.
I'm on morpine and even that doesn't take it all away.

Hypermobility is not too bad in your teens when people are amazed at all the things you can do......but bl**dy awful in your 50's when your fingers dislocate just by picking up a plate or a cup, ankles by standing up too quick or shoulders dislocate just turning over in bed.

Well moan over...... I'm off to bed, i usually manage 3-4 hours before i'm up again if i'm lucky. X
Hope you both have a good night. X
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thanks joko and Sparkles, I think you have to understand hypermobility as it's not the same as general back pain. I feel for both of you.

my Hottie Back Wrap arrived yesterday and I wore it in bed last night at an angle, to cover my painful hip, which was actually quite soothing. I'm hoping for (but not really expecting) a great miracle when I eventually get to the hospital!

I give up with the painkillers.. nothing really helps.
i have never dislocated anything thankfully and the only bit of me that visibly bends weirdly is my elbows - i'm not very 'bendy' really - though i know from my physio etc that my neck and spine bend rather too much.
everything clicks and grinds a terrible amount though.

most painkillers just take the edge off - they never get rid of it - and if morphine doesn't even help it then i don't know what will

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