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Can You Pick Melanoma Of Your Skin?

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cyprus2012 | 17:22 Tue 29th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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i noticed a pea sized mole on my inner elbow it seemed abit raised and look like a mole that had a irregular shape however i picked at it and it came away with no bleeding or anything it now looks like a carpet burn. could this be melanoma?


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It's possible. Melanoma can grow inwards too, so please see your GP anyway, if you're at all suspicious.
Extremely unlikely to be a mealanoma from your description.

I agree with Chilldoubt.

monitor the situation for a couple of weeks.
I've got a couple of moles which look odd - but the GP says they're not to be worried about at present. OH took a photo of them so we could see if they change shape or consistency. Don't pick it again though, not a good idea.

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Can You Pick Melanoma Of Your Skin?

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