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Eve | 19:24 Sun 22nd Sep 2013 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone had one of these treated in a podiatry clinic (NHS)?

I've been referred after having an ingrown big toenail go infected. It settled for a while after a beautician cut the worst bit out and filed it to try and stop it happening again , and a course of antibiotics, about 6 weeks ish ago.

It's gone sore again and infected so on antibiotics again and waiting for an appointment.

Just wondering how long anyone had to wait and how they found any treatment.


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almost thirty years ago, my nails were ingrowing on my big toes

after a couple of attempts to cut, trim and redirect the nail growths, they grew into the toes again

i ended up in hospital having the nails and the nail beds removed permanently - i now have no nails on my big toes
There was quite a long wait in our area for an NHS appointment when my son had an ingrowing toe nail, so I paid for him to see a local chiropodist (cost £17) and he's never had a problem since. Not sure seeing a beautician was a good idea!
Speak to your GP who will refer you to the podiatry clinic (mine did) and they can treat it or remove if necessary
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I think that's my worry, having to have the whole nail removed!

Beautician wasn't ideal but I was a bit desperate as it went really bad on a weekend.

I got referred end of last week, had been called in as my blood test showed up an infection so should probably have gone back sooner when it started to hurt a bit again.

Hmm, could be worth looking into private then if that cheap!

there is no handicap, i walk normally, and nobody would guess that the nails are missing
Mr Fusion had one treated recently, took a few visits but was successful. Was referred by gp and only waited about 4 weeks for appointment. Apparently if you are diabetic or any other health probs, then the appointment comes through quicker.
I had to have a big toe nail removed ( in growing ) when I was about 8 years old, it was done at the hospital. Boy it was sore, mom had to cut the toe end of my slipper.
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It's a vanity thing I guess Excelsior - have only just embraced having my toenails painted and wearing sandals. Well, having them painted and filed for me, I can't bend that much. Part of my I can feel crap but have pretty toenails and such thing.

I'm hoping I might get quicker appointment as I have rheumatoid arthritis, I read somewhere it can help get a quicker one and maybe having a weakened immune system too.

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Aww Tony! :( I chopped part of a finger (including nail) off when I was little.
Christ, how did you manage that, Eve ?.
hey jenna, i had both my big toes done when i was about 23 at a podiatry clinic. By far the worst worst thing was having the local anaesthetic injected (about 4 injections in each toe as i recall). They had to get someone in to hold my leg to prevent me kicking the injector in the face!
recovery was fine - i had a dressing on i couldn't remove or get wet for 3 days, and no pain that i can remember. It took about 1/2 an hour to do. I honestly can't remember how long the appt took to come thru, but even if i could, it probably wouldn't help, seeing as it was over 15 years ago
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Door hinge, not one of my finer moments!
also meant to say they just took both sides off. they look normal now

No toenails?

I knew reading this thread would make my tummy do flip flops.

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That doesn't sound so bad bednobs. Did you have the whole nails removed or just the problem bit down the side?
when i say both sides, i mean both sides of each nail, not the whole nail on each side
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Ah, you beat me to it, thanks.

B00, I think you deserve some cake to recover :)

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Door hinge, not one of my finer moments!

Ah right, Eve, bloody dangerous when your a kid.
Tony, look in Weather at jordyboy's post
I've seen it Pysbbo, I know I'm weathered but bloody hell !.

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