Painful ingrown toenail

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angel-cake | 21:57 Thu 06th Mar 2008 | Body & Soul
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I have had an ingrown toenail for the last six months. I have had it cut at (by a nurse where I used to work) four times in that time but it just wont go. I recently 'attacked' it myself and managed to get a sharp piece nail that had been growing separately into the inside edge side of my big toe. The pain goes almost instantly when it's done but I just can't seem to get the wound bit ,that I am left with, to heal.

Now I am not sure if the nail is ingrowing (it is more tender rather than the excruciating pain i felt before) or if i am just left with a puffy bit of skin.

Is surgery the only real answer, or should i just wait and see if it gets any better? Anyone else been in same situation?

Thanks in advance


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ooh its agony isnt it, I would get that checked out in case youve done more harm than good, it shouldnt need surgery surely

I struggle with ingrown toenails on/off cos my nails are so thick
You should have it looked at Angel-cake. It could form an infection and possibly infect the bone of the toe, causing you more pain and even more complications. Surgery is not that bad or painful. Usually the toe is sprayed and/or injected to get it numb before any surgery takes place. Do look after it.
Here's a non-surgical possibility:

1. Get some dental floss
2. Put it across the toe, under the nail (as far down as you can without causing pain)
3. Trim the floss so that there is only a mililmetre or two of floss exposed at either side.
4. The nail will grow over the floss and should reduce the pain of any ingrowing nail and, in time, stop the nail growing in at all.
5. You can, of course, change the floss as often as you feel necessary.

Hope that helps.
Big Mac, sounds good, I`ll suggest it to my podiatrist the next time I see her, and see what she reckons.
I had trouble with a nail that was deformed with the edged curved downwards and constantly ingrowing. Cutting it back was only ever a temorary solution.

The problem stems right from the nail bed and it was only fixed when the part of the bed producing the ingrown part was removed along with that part of the nail. I actually did this operation myself by splitting the nail and tearing out that part of the bed.

You will know how the pain can make one quite deperate. However I would probably recommend the professional surgical approach.
So sorry for you ...

I had one last year and it hurts like hell...

In the end I had part of the toe nail removed.
They inject and numb the toe.....
It took 3 injections for me to make it go numb ...
then they cut the side of the nail away...
Then add some chemical to kill the nail growth cells
you then have to dress it and keep clean for about two weeks
But its worth the hassle and the �125 in the end
OOOh it's so painful.
Go to a chiropodist and get it checked. They can trim and dress it properly and give you advice about how to keep it from recurring. If you do have to have surgery to remove the nail, the operation itself is not the problem, it is the couple of weeks afterwards when you have a very very tender toe. No more trouble after that then, just a slightly odd looking toe, so no more toe-nail polish either.
Good Luck.
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I saw a chiropodist yesterday, who was horrible. He charged me �35 to inflict pain with a knife, and i left worse than when i went in.

I have now arranged to see someone else tomorrow (recommended through a friend) and he sounded much nicer on the phone so hopefully i can get it sorted.

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Painful ingrown toenail

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