I've Been Given More Drugs For This Cough

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DJHawkes | 18:55 Wed 04th Sep 2013 | Body & Soul
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and they knock me out, I finally saw my GP for the first time today, 40 minutes before I was due to start back at work after 2 weeks off with a high respiratory infection. My GP is very good, never seen him before, the practise nurse has seen me twice and prescribed a salbutamol inhaler and pholcodine lunctus. The GP was very thorough and actually listened to me and seemed to be more concerned about the heart burn than the cough, He's prescribed omeprazole for the gastric reflux which he says was causing acid to irritate my respiratory tract and lungs, then he's prescribed amitriptyline for the insommnia, which happens because the heart burn wakes me up and i can't sleep for it. then sumatriptan to stop the migraine coming because almost every day for the past month i've had the zig zag flashes in one eye or the other and that sick feeling. So I'll be rattling now, but hopefully solving the underlying issue. Oh and he sent me straight to hospital for a chest x ray and gave me a 2 week sick note. Bit bothered by that but he says i need to stabalise these things and get a normal sleeping pattern back.

Is it just me getting old?


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I've heard some folk get older without getting sicker but I am not among their number.

Great news that your GP is paying attention and taking action, wish I could get him to infect my GP. I was coughing for nearly 3 months last winter.
Well......that lot should do something ;-)

Old! OLD! naah! you are still a nubile young wench.
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I've had a dry cough for over a year but it has never hurt so much on my chest as it did this last few weeks. I was very impressed, he genuinely seemed interested in getting me sorted out, not had a GP like that before, ever, not even old Dr Hudson when i was a kid.
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Dr Hudson of Ormskirk?
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apparently that amitriptyline stuff used to be used for depression, maybe it will make me cheer up!
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yes sqad! and Dr Mellor
Sounds like you have a decent GP, dot. and the answer is yes !.
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nothing at all, there is no infection as such, just irritation caused by coughing from the acid in the gastric reflux.
It is on the higher doses. Hopefully, you'll be cheered up anyway, when you start feeling better.
Which Dr Mellor....husband and wife were both Drs , he was a good GP but.....
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he was a he, very tall man, he treated my dad for acute depression in 1976.
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pixie they are 10mg tablets and it says one to three tablets at night, I'll start with one maybe and see what happens.
I thought amitriptilyne could help prevent migraines too in some people.

You may have to get into a routine of taking it, depending on what dose you are on, but it may make you feel quite groggy in the morning so be cautious if you need to drive anywhere early.
Good. I hope you feel better soon, anyway x
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cheers, I'm not good with medication and so think i'll take it slow. i did take one of the sumatriptans this afternoon cos i got the lights and it cleared them quickly but blimey it knocked me out.
Go slowly then and see how you go.

I am pretty used to medication but of all the medications that put me daft was the amytriptline. I took one one night and the following morning my friend rung me and thought I was drunk - I knew myself I was talking funny. First time in my life lifted the amytriptline and threw them into the toilet. So DJ please take it easy with them.

They are used for depression and also I got them for the fibromyalgia but obviously they did not work. Good luck with all aches and pains but it is awful for you to have to work through all this when you see all the young lazy baskets that have never done one day's work and you have probably been working all your life. It is scandalous. Conne
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oh, I was once prescribed a drug that drove me a bit doolally one day. I lay down on bed till my brain descrambled (about 2 hours), threw the pills away and went back to the doc. It does happen very occasionally with drugs, not often, just a side-effect as most drugs have, and if it does just stop taking them and ask your GP for Plan B.

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I've Been Given More Drugs For This Cough

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