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mayennaise | 17:57 Wed 04th Sep 2013 | Body & Soul
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why would an expensive perfume that has been my favourite for years suddenly start smelling odd to me when I wear it - almost 'chemically' - I've noticed that a couple of things that I've always like the smell off suddenly have started to smell nasty. Does an altered sense of smell indicate anything? PS I'm female and 60 years old.


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\\\\ Does an altered sense of smell indicate anything?\\\

It may well do, but by far the commonest are problems in the nose..e.g polyps.

Just make an appt to see your GP at your leisure.
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cheers sqad - much appreciated.
Hi, M...Sqad is most likely correct but don't forget our bodies can change and affect things like perfumes and...sadly...jewellery.
Since my mid thirties I can only wear gold and silver if I don't drink red wine.
Any idea how long it took me to twig why a night out ended with me covered in dirty black streaks anywhere jewellery had touched?...:-(
Maybe the perfume has gone off?
Some perfume ingredients have had to be changed. Either they came from endangered species, or they have become exorbitantly expensive. Some chemical ingredients may have replaced some natural ones. It may be that you are particularly sensitive to the changed ingredient/s. Most "noses" - the people who specialise in perfumes in perfume houses, are male, but it is well known that women and men sometimes get different sensations from the same ingredient. ( Such as cedarwood.) You may have picked up a difference which the "noses" have not realised would be noticeable.
I've been using the same perfume for over sixteen years. I bought some when we were in Portugal a couple of years ago and it caused a rash. I went into a perfume shop in UK and tried theirs and I was fine. Must be something to do with the ingredients!
Ideally you should keep perfume cool and dark and airtight or it is more likely to go bad.

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