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Baby_Sham | 08:56 Thu 05th Sep 2013 | Body & Soul
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I'm having acupuncture tomorrow, in the hope it will help my anxiety and also insomnia.

I'm *extremely* nervous about this, to say the least, and was just wondering if anyone know where the needles will be inserted?

Has anyone here had it done and would you say it's a pleasant experience?

Are there any possible side-effects?

Thanks in advance.


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Baby...just feel sorry for those who won't even give anything but conventional medicine a try. I had years of awful cystitis cured by homeopathy. Of course that was all in my mind according to the friend whose life is being ruined by the same condition but won't try anything other than the antib's from her GP. There are more things in heaven and earth,...
13:27 Sat 07th Sep 2013
I had it years ago to treat migraines (successfully). The needles I had went in my feet, hands, temples and forehead (one needle in each location) It really, really doesn't hurt, the needles are so thin that you wonder if the stay in.

Overall it wasn't an unpleasant experience, and if I remember rightly it turned out quite relaxing (I was only 15 so my memory is a bit rusty). Being the stroppy cow I was in my teens, if it had been horrible I'd have screamed blue bloody murder.

Good luck and don't worry, I can't stress enough how easy it is and I wouldn't hesitate to go back if necessary. :-)
I've had acupuncture for fertility problems so the needles will have been put in different places to you, but I can tell you that it doesn't hurt. I even had one put in the top of my head and that didn't hurt! The needles are very fine and aren't pushed in very far, and you can't feel them once they are in. I always found it very relaxing as I was left in a quiet room for half an hour so you'll probably fall asleep.

I never had any side effects.

Don't be nervous. Who knows whether it works, but I now have an 11 month old daughter!
I've had acupuncture for arthritis , it doesn't hurt and yes you do feel really relaxed afterward,so it sounds just the job for you. Good luck and enjoy x
I had it for about a year for a skin condition, I found it to be an interesting and relaxing experience with pain felt only once when a needle was put in the palm of the hand. The only problem was, it just didn't work, I still have the same condition today, years later, although not as bad as it used to be.
Morning Baby...I'm a huge fan of acupuncture...I use it for any pain relief I need and have had wonderful results.
Never had any side effects and always feel really good afterwards...x
If you're anxious about a treatment designed to treat your anxiety, it may not be worth it!

No, in all seriousness, I'd say try it and see. Acupuncture, when done properly, is completely safe and painless. When it comes to anxiety and Insomnia, there's no hard evidence that acupuncture is either effective or ineffective, so it's probably worth a try. Hope it works for you.
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Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit stupid saying I'm anxious about something that's hopefully gonna help with anxiety, but I'm kind of clutching at straws here and figured I don't have anything to lose.

Aww, I'm another fan, had it done in physiotherapy sessions and as everyone says it doesn't hurt and the needles are so fine.

The only bits of any kind of pain I got was when they would twist them a little to increase the effect though it was minimal and they were putting them in a lot of muscles with me.

I was quite disappointed when I ran out of sessions, would definitely do it again!
Seriously Baby, don't worry, look at it as therapy rather than treatment.

Come back and let us know how you get on. :)
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I know Frank said it didn't work for him, but to the others that have recommended it, what *did* it feel like? Do you feel 'good' afterwards, or is it a gradual thing?

Also, and this is going to sound really really odd, but what should I wear? I'm assuming (and hoping) that he would just put the needles into places like arms, feet, head? I wanted to ask him this, but thought he may think I was being a bit weird.
Wear something comfortable as you'll probably be laying down, but don't feel silly asking the practitioner anything, they've probably heard it all before.

I can't remember much about after the sessions so I assume that I was fine, it was 30 years ago! Someone who's been more recently might be able to tell you.
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Hi Baby....both my therapists have been female. For some I took off my top and for some I stripped to bra and knickers....that's for my all over top up sessions....enjoy! x

My OH had acupuncture a few years back, great success.
As you Ladies do, she looked out some nice matching underwear to give a good impression, only to find when she got there the acupuncturist was
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I've only spoken to him via phone so far, so I didn't want to ask him about the clothes thing and I was worried he'd think I was being a bit weird. I just know what does/doesn't make me anxious though.... and stripping off to my bra and knickers *definitely* makes me feel anxious.
Actually, I wouldn't even do it.

That's the problem see. If he asked me to do that, and I said no, that then kind of implies that I have something against *him* and appears rude.

I think I might be over-thinking this and getting myself worked up for no reason.
I suppose I can't make any decisions like that until he's actually arrived and gets his needles out (Shudder).

I will report back and let you know how I got on.

Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated :-)

Just wear something quite loose and perhaps a short sleeves top as I had some near my knees, so had to roll my trousers up, and some along my spine. I didn't get undressed.

The lady covered the area being treated with a towel and i had a heat lamp on the area, as heat has something to do with it, but I'm not sure what. I don't know if they use the heat lamp for all types of treatment. She told me I had a cold womb so maybe that was why!
Babysham, ring him and ask, it'll be one less thing to get anxious about.
"For some I took off my top and for some I stripped to bra and knickers...."]

I'm not all that sure if acupuncture works or not. It definitely warrants a closer inspection though... :)
Oh Lord....and here I was trying to be helpful!....☺ as not to worry you, Baby...or excite Jim who should be out running up a hill.
It all depends on why you are being treated...I don't know about your conditions so can't say but I only stripped down when I wanted my all over top up to keep everything free and supple for the type of massages I did.
And if you say anything about that will really need to get your running speeds up!"....;-) x
I just felt really nice and relaxed, afterwards too, people actually used to comment on it and say they could tell I'd had it done! :)

Many of mine were around my spine and shoulderblades so I would keep my bottoms on and either wear a little strappy low backed top or just be in my bra - the therapist would always go out the room and check I was ready before I came back, not that I minded just being in a bra anyway, but it was very respectful.

I would tell him if there are any places you wouldn't feel comfortable having needles beforehand so he is aware and can work around it. He won't want you to feel uncomfortable and should understand some people have more issues than others over things like modesty if he is any kind of a decent therapist.

I was told to make sure that I had eaten beforehand.

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