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Sensitive Tooth

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bibblebub | 13:35 Sun 31st Mar 2013 | Body & Soul
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The week before last, my dentist did all the drill work in preparation for fitting a crown on one of my teeth and put in a temporary cap until the real one is ready. That temporary crown has just fallen out (for the second time) and the stump of the tooth now exposed is very sensitive to anything that isn't at mouth temperature.

Should the tooth still be so sensitive after 11 days or should the nerves have died?

It's been a long time since I last had a new crown and can't remember what it's like to be in this situation.


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Unless you have had root canal work done on the tooth, the nerve should still be alive.
Try dipping a cotton wool bud in a dark spirit (rum/brandy/whisky) and dab it on the tooth - it does work at numbing it.
You can also but temporary filling - squishy white or pink stuff that sets in your mouth - that you can fashion for yourself if you have a wait for an appointment. Boots and most chemists sell it.
Go to the chemist and ask for Toofy-Pegs crown and filling replacement, it's around a fiver - does the job great.
Yes, if the tooth has not been root teated, it is not unusual for the tooth to be sensitive. You should ideally return to your dentist ASAP for replacement of the temporary crown or fitting of the definative crown if it is ready.
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Thanks all - I put with this for 72 hours last weekend and, since the real crown will be inserted on Thursday, I'll just do the same this time. To be honest it's a bit of a relief to know that there's not going to be an unexpected crunch when eating.
When that happened to me, I just stuck the temporary one back on with superglue. My dentist was pretty shocked, but it did the trick.
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rojash - knowing my luck, if I did that it would end up at an awkward angle with the tooth still being sensitive, with the dentist unable to shift it
You say crown at first then mention cap. Which is it? If crown (tooth on post) it should be dead after root canal, but if a cap (veneer) this will go over the old tooth after being filed down and, yes, this could be painful as it is exposed, and will need revisit to the dentist.

You have my sympathy as I am going through similar at the moment, with broken veneer at the top and needing a crown below it on the bottom. The temporary veneer lasted just under 2 days.

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Sensitive Tooth

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