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Beechy101 | 21:46 Sat 30th Mar 2013 | Body & Soul
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Does anybody know what the rules/criteria is for IVF on the NHS? My & my wife have been trying for years but she has PCOS which means a natural pregnancy is highly unlikely. IVF was suggested about 2 years ago but we were told that we'd have to pay about £6000 cos my wife's BMI isn't within the acceptable range to be considered for free treatment. My argument is that PCOS means that losing weight is a bit harder so we're in a lose/lose situation.

Has the criteria changed since then or are we looking at £6000?


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When I went for IVF a year ago my BMI had to be under 30 and they weighed me at the clinic before starting treatment. Being overweight reduces your chances so i was told, so i guess they have to have a cut off somewhere. Different PCT's may have different rules though so it would be worth checking with your GP, or perhaps they could help her with her weight loss to give you the best possible chance. Good luck.
Yes, go to your GP, they will be able to tell you more - but bear in mind that PCTs are no more after tomorrow, the decisions about who can fund what will rest with your local Clinical Commissioning Group, and your GP has a say in that.
it is unlikely they've changed the criteria in my opinion, but you can only ask i suppose. 6k seems abit steep tho - i thought it was around 4k
I take it your GP has tried your wife on Clomid before the mention of IVF?
I am currently undergoing this procedure. My BMi HAS to be 30 or UNDER in order to receive the free NHS treatment. If my BMi goes ABOVE 30 I will too have to pay £6000 to continue the treatment or it will be abandoned. This is apparently because if you are 'overweight' the treatment drugs don't react properly in your body and therefore your procedure has a lesser chance of success, especially if you are an older lady. I guess this is why they have their 'rules and guidlines'
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