Not Sjogren's Syndrome

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SMP | 22:18 Wed 05th Sep 2012 | Body & Soul
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Had the results of my lip biopsy and I do not have Sjogren's Syndrome. Rheumatologist says joint pain and fatigue is Inflammatory Osteoarthritis. As i still have the dry mouth I have to see Oral Surgery again as consultant thinks i may have a parotid gland problem. I am to continue with hydroxychloroquine for next 6 months then will be reviewed again.


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Well thanks for the feedback and that has sorted out the Sjogren factor......of course.......that is the result of the lip biopsy and doesn't exclude Sjogrens affecting you Parotid glands and secondary to your rheumatoid.

Interesting....keep us informed.
P.S Did your daughter's nose settle down following her Septoplasty?
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Evening Sqad. My daughters nose has settled down but she still has no sense of smell or any taste. Unfortunately her asthma has been dreadful, can't get it under control and she has had costochondritis for the past 4 weeks. Been off work 13 weeks now. She is improving and ENT have decided she needs to see a respiratory doctor because her asthma is so bad and she is so prone to chest conditions.
Hope you get some resolution soon for you and your daughter. Costocondritis is miserable, poor thing! Has she had any help for it?

I'm still having a bit of a runaround but I'll do a separate update thread so as not to encroach on yours.

Oh and I now have an email after our previous thread - [email protected] if you want to get in touch x

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Not Sjogren's Syndrome

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