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What are the effects of heavy daily alcohol use over a period of a couple of years? Not cancer or cirrhosis, which happens after a lifetime of drinking, or just the effects of being drunk, but the effects on your body and life after a couple years of gett

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E_Symons | 17:13 Thu 10th May 2012 | Body & Soul
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I've been drinking for five years, but I started drinking every day about a year and a half ago, and I want to know the common physical and mental effects of drinking that much for that period of time. Most things online are either the effects of being drunk or the effects after ten or twenty years of heavy drinking. I just want to know what happens to you after you've been drinking heavily for a couple of years. Are ulcers common, or chronic nausea or headaches? Is suffering from insomnia or withdrawals common after that period of time? I'm nineteen and I've been drinking nearly every day since I was seventeen following a stressful period in my life, and now I'm literally either working or drinking. I usually start drinking fifteen minutes or up to half an hour after I get off work, then drink until I pass out that night. On my days off I sometimes drink all day, or at least from afternoon until night time, and its not that uncommon for me to drink for hours, pass out, then wake up at four or five in the morning and immediately start drinking again, even if I have to work that same afternoon. When I was still in high school I would often drink at school, sometimes all day from seven in the morning to when I got home and passed out, and I was kicked out of school in grade twelve for being drunk.
What I want to know is what the common side effects of this kind of drinking are after a couple years. I'm not talking about cancer or liver disease or anything like that, but I want to know what people suffer from who drink like this. Are body aches, shakiness, anxiety or stomach pain common? Even random things like constant diarreah, nose bleeds, vomiting, chest pain, fast or painful heart rate, high blood pressure, runny nose, trouble or pain after eating, anything random like that. Thanks, I appreciate any feedback.


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short answer yes, also dementia and incontinence and hallucinations
Your brain shrinks. No kidding!
^^your brain shrinks^^, So does your wedding tackle and your ability to use it.
Sorry, but apart from killing yourself, which you are, your life must be very boring. Give it up and enjoy life.
If you have given us an accurate account of your lifestyle, you need serious help as soon as possible with your alcoholism.
you never recover lost brain cells!
penelope, OP is shown as female, does same apply?
Everything you describe is are really really damaging yourself beyond repair.... Ive seen some seriously sad cases as a nurse of young folk who are extremely ill or who die because of this....please dont follow suit..

Youve done fantastic coming here and opening up to us and recognising that you may be unwell...i think its time to see the doc and make some steps to recovery and enjoy life xxx
There are links here which you can click on - related illnesses and symptoms xx
But you will get cirrhosis, you may well have got it now.

The main side effect is the constant feeling that you need a drink. Others: anxiety, fitful or unsatisfying sleep, dry vomiting in the morning, loss of appetite because the booze is serving as food as far as you're concerned,internal bleeding (the alcohol is an irritant and may also cause small blood vessels to penetrate into the gut; this is potentially serious), shakiness is not, though it may happen eventually.

You are kidding yourself if you think cancer isn't more likely, cirrhosis hasn't occurred, there is no liver damage or liver malfunction. The trouble is that people don't know or accept how badly they are damaging themselves until very late, often too late.

You need help, because you are already a practising alcoholic (I was one too, and know the symptoms and consequences only too well).
Unless your doc has done a liver function test, you have no idea what damage you have already done to your liver.
You are also probably in danger of developing oesophageal varices.
You have taken a vital step in acknowledging you have a problem.

Take the next step, and get help.
Baldick this is worse in a woman , due to the smaller body weight the effects of a given amount of alcohol are greater. This is why the recommended daily amounts of alcohol are less for women than for men.
This poster is describing a chronic alcohol dependence and needs urgent help.
F Symonds all the things you describe are common and a sign of chronic alcohol dependence. YOU ARE an alcoholic ! you need to admit it and seek help.
I think you may be in the USA from some of the terms you use, few if any of us on here will be in a position to point you in the right direction for help if you are. I think alcoholics anonymous operate in the USA they may be your best option if you are in USA
One of the worse things I witnessed in my son was him having alcohol related fits, they are dreadful to watch and even worse to have as they are followed by hallucinations. My son also bit half of his tongue off while having one. My one piece of advice to you is PLEASE get help now before it's too late. Good luck xx

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What are the effects of heavy daily alcohol use over a period of a couple of years? Not cancer or cirrhosis, which happens after a lifetime of drinking, or just the effects of being drunk, but the effects on your body and life after a couple years of gett

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