Catholic Priests and Celibacy

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DavidUK | 14:32 Wed 11th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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Are Catholic priests allowed to masturbate?


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come (***?) now....every sperm is sacred!!
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i don't think so.
I believe that they are meant to refrain from all sexual activity and try to live with as little sin as possible. Given that having 'impure thoughts' is a sin (albeit a relatively minor one) then I'd have thought that masturbation was clearly on the banned list...
probably not but i would bet a lot of money on that they do in private.... (not a nice thought tho a preist masturbating)

No most definitely not (in theory)!!!!!

they're not meant to masturbate at all, because basically the sperm is meant for making babies (in the eyes of the catholic church - and i dont mean sperm in the eyes i mean the catholic teachings) and masturbation is highly unlikely to end in making of a little sprog.... well if they do it alone it shouldnt result in that!

sex as far as catholic teaching goes is not about pleasure its about procreation hence spanking the monkey is forbidden!

(i knew my catholic upbringing was meant for some purpose didnt think it would be to answer a question on this though - THANKS DAVID)

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In that case, I think I will cross off "Catholic Priest" from my list of jobs as a possible career change!

Congratulations neathgirl on surviving your Catholic upbringing. And I like the the one about sperm in the eyes!

I heard once that nuns have to bathe covered up because they weren't allowed to see their own naked bodies. If true, how warped is that?

my catholic upbringing never mentioned anything about nuns in the nude but the next time i bump into one ill ask for you lol

though i know that they have nun of this and nun of that and more than likely nun of the other aswell (boom boom)

wouldnt it be good if the priests and nuns could get it on .... like a tarts and vicars party... hmmmm maybe i should write off to the vatican and ask them to give the go ahead and let the priests and nuns get rid of sum frustrations with a holy coming together (take that last part in anyway u wish to)

If they could go to IVF clinics to do it they would be contributing to other peoples' babies which would please the RC Church, and the money received could be for charity.  The bad thoughts thing is still there thoug!   The going rate at IVF clinics used to be about �20.  P'raps more now.  I have just thought -  donorfathers can be traced now, by off-spring.  Might be awkward, some years on.  Well, it was a nice far-fetched idea.
Catholics are highly against any form of fertility treatment, therefore going to a IVF clinic would be a big sin
i went to a convent school (35 yrs ago) and am certain the nuns were having it away with the priests. as for masturbating, they must do,after all they are human!
Well....I said it was far-fetched.  Is there anything that's good to do that is not a sin?

I take issue with the statement that for Catholics, sex is for procreation and not for pleasure. The general idea is that sex shouldn't be used for pleasure *only*.

Don't you reckon Catholics would die out otherwise??

I know many Catholics who enjoy sex. ;-)

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Catholic Priests and Celibacy

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