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annavc | 15:10 Wed 11th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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Wonder if anyone can help - I think I may have a hernia but i'm not sure and I'm a bit worried.  A couple of months ago I was stepping down off a train and got a very sudden, sharp pain near my belly button.  It hurt for about a week - if I coughed, stretched, sneezed etc.  I went to the doctor and he told me it was just a kidney infection and gave me some antibiotics.  The pain did eventually go away but in the last couple of days i'm starting to feel it again although not nearly so sharp - more just a vague feeling in the same area.  The other thing is that in the last 24 hours a very small amount of blood and clear fluid has come out of my belly button (sorry for the graphic description).  I know I need to see a doctor but inevitably can't get an appointment with my GP for over a week and wondered if anyone might be able to give me a clue as to what it might be in the meantime.  Hopefully putting my mind at rest at the same time!

Thank you.


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I have no ideas as to what it is, but seriously think you should tell the GP practice it is an emergency and you need seeing straight away.  If they refuse ask to speak to the doctor on the phone.    It sounds as if something is infected and you should not delay getting it seen to.  Fortunately, our GP practice always has one doctor available for any emergencies every day.

Please do not delay.  Get it seen to before it gets worse.  It is probably nothing too serious but needs looking at.

Best of luck x

I have heard the term 'umbilical hernia' but do not know the symptoms.  I agree with FP though that you should politely insist on speaking to a doctor - the receptionists do not have the clinical knowledge necessary to refuse you an appointment.  Otherwise you could call NHS direct and speak to a nurse - very helpful service in my experience  0845 46 47
annavc. I have an "Umblical Hernia" too. I got mine by doing sit ups! Mine hurts  on and off but I agree with FP,you could have an infection so insist that you see a doctor.

I've also got an umbilical hernia, but as I work in the Op Theatre I've had a word with the surgeon and I'm having mine done at the end of June so I can watch The Ashes and Lions Series whilst recovering from the surgery!

On the serious side you DO need to go to your GP and get it checked out, it's a fairly minor procedure if it does require surgery.

I had a hernia 25 years ago,mine was a lump that kept popping out of my abdomen.It did'nt hurt,just odd.The po hurt but that was then.Get down to the hospital and get it checked out.Not every GP sees things the same way.

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