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jacpinetree | 16:35 Sun 10th Jul 2011 | Body & Soul
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hi Squad
I bought some evening primrose oil for my hot flushes and arthritis in my elbows (im 47). I am on Linisipril 10mg for high blood pressure and would like to know will the primrose oil have any affect on my medication.
Thank you



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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. off you go......the combination of Evening Primrose Oil and Linisipril is perfectly safe.
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hi squad
thank u so much for your reply, and its taken ages 4 me to get back 2 you. thanks, but my elbows still no better, sumone said it mite be gout an said try dog oil (not 4 dogs) its great 4 joint pain etc. my hot flushes still a nitemare an up 2 now the primrose capsules doin nothin but dont think ive been takin them long enough. Must get exercise plan in order, my nurse sent me on 12 wk course. start next wed for my hypertension an high colestrol so hope 2 write back squad with better results.jacpinetree xx thank u doc 4 lettin me know.

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