pregnancy, miscarriage and HCG levels

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mandimoo | 21:13 Sun 10th Jul 2011 | Body & Soul
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I really hope there's a doctor in the house who can tell me what might be going on.

I suffered a miscarriage 8 weeks ago (give or take a day or two). My HCG levels were dropping, if somewhat slowly. On 30/06/2011 (9 days ago) it was 122. However, still no period so I had it checked again yesterday and it was 131, so its going back up again.

What could be going on? Could I have caught pregnant? Or is it possible for HCG to fall for several weeks and then start to rise again? I want to be pregnant but I would appreciate honest answers (not just what I want to hear) if you have any.


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hope you don't mind me asking, but are you sure there was no tissue retained after the miscarriage? when you are pregnant, hcg approximately doubles every two days, so a rise of that magnitude seems insignificant. However, i am surprised there is any hcg left at all 8 weeks on
I don't know about HCG levels i'm afraid but when was your last period due and are your periods regular?
You need to wait and see. The figure is still low. Is it being checked again and what were you told when you got the results?
also, could i ask why you are having your hcg tested? And can the person who is ordering the tests not answer this question?
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I was told there was a small amount of tissue remaining, but no intervention was needed.

No due date for a period. I have to wait until HCG levels disappear and then my cycle will kick back in.

I realise the figure is low, but I wondered if it could have gone completely since the test on 30/06, allowing me to ovulate and then the possibility that I could have caught pregnant. If this is even possible (I just dont know), then the latest reading could be from an ovulation/fertilisation that would have only happened in the last few days.

The person ordering the tests just said I need to be tested again 48 hours later to get a better picture. Im just trying to figure out whats going on with me. The miscarriage I've just had just wont go away and Im at my wits end. Im 40 very very soon and time is running out for me ;o(
hi manidi, i'm afraid you'll just have to wait the 48 hours, when it will be clearer. If the hcg hasn't doubled, you are unlikely to be pregnant. If you have retained tissue, have you considered surgical removal?
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evils - oh yes I have considered surgical intervention but the professionals keep telling me there is no reason to intervene, however everyone else I speak to thinks what I am going through warrants further attention. I just can't seem to get anything done.
well i would trust the professionals who are advising you if i were you
who's "the person ordering the tests", mandi? - are you under a consultant? You can always ask for a second opinion.
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My GP ordered the tests that I had on 30/06 and decided no action was necessary. But when I did a pregnancy test a week later and still getting a positive after 8 weeks I rang the early pregnancy unit who said I should come in because I shouldn't really have any HCG left. Its the early preg unit who told me to go back in 48 hours.
3 possibilities.

1) This is perfectly normal as it may take months for your HGC levels to return to normal.
2) There may be retained placental material.
3) You may be pregnant ( it is possible that you had twins and miscarried only one of the foetuses.....unusual but possible)

My advice.........ask for an Ultrasound.

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pregnancy, miscarriage and HCG levels

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