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DickieBrakelight | 14:38 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Honestly, send them north of the Home Counties and their ignorance of local geography is quick to surface. Their reporters on the Moat hunt are positioned around the village of Rothbury (despite police asking them to stay away as they could hinder the investigation), and when they sign off back to the studio they are saying 'this is Kay Burley (or whoever), Sky News, Northumbria.

Northumbria was a medieval English kingdom - she is actually in Northumberland.

Oh and she said that police are waiting for nightfall so they can search for the fugitive using thermal imaging cameras (LMAO)

Like these don't work in daylight?


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Sky News gatherers are invasive a$$eholes.
Made my blood boil when they were waiting outside the gates of the Cumbrian hospital recently after the last shootings.
Also that issue with Susan Boyle being hounded.
Kay Burleigh had her own issues with a supposed stalker. .. but even her treatment and insensitive questioning with Pete Andre a while back were unforgiveable.

I think nightfall makes the job easier .. cooler ambient temperatures make living objects more distinct or detectable. I think he'll do what he has to do before they get to him tho.
I hope they get him soon. I feel sorry for all the people in that area fearing for their lives after what happened in Whitehaven recently
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what I don't understand is .....the two chaps that were 'hostages' have now been arrested for being in cahoots with Moat - what's to have stopped them leaving a car near where his car was found. if this had happened then he could be in Timbuckto by now while the police are localised in one area.
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I thought that carmalee, that the two guys who were arrested could have taken the 'hot' car up to Rothbury as a decoy, leaving Moat to escape in another direction. Time will tell I guess.

As is often the case in these situations, when it is over I think Northumbria Police should brace themselves for criticism of their handling of the incident from people who are armed with a sizeable dollop of hindsight.
DB - have also posted this in news so we may get more comments there than from here in health and fitness
onetoomany - I think you were living up to your name before you wrote your piece, were't you??
I'm sure that the fact it's Northumbria and not Northumberland Police leads to some of the confusion.
onetoomany... you are seriously trying to blame others for the action of this madman?

There is no way anyone else is responsible for this guy's actions.
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You are right TCL - but of course the area covered by Northumbria Police extends way beyond Northumberland, as it takes in Tyne & Wear as well. Confusing maybe, but no more difficult for a reporter to grasp than the difference between England, Britain and the UK.
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Lo and behold - Kay Burley is now reporting from Northumberland :o)

Sadly Radio 5 Live referred to 'the people of Northumbria' this morning, demonstrating even further the ignorance of the London-based media towards us Picts living in the Wiles of Whanney.

(cue new thread on Wiles of Whanney)
Sky News the Sun in talking form - Redtop "meja" at its worse. Sky has destroyed any journalistic integrity that TV ever had.

Have you seen the pictures of Moat in the Sun today? Look at the captions then tell me it shouldn't be in the fiction section

The caption under the two month old defies description.
Police forces use the old region names for some reason - hence in the Midlands it is Mercia and up north its Northumbria.

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