Migraine headaches

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haysi06 | 20:46 Tue 16th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I've suffered from Migraine headaches for nearly 30 years. Same warning signs, disturbed vision, flashing lights, feel as though I've been hit on the back of the head and same numbness in the face, fatigue. Recently I've also had a numb/pins and needles sensation in my left arm/hand. Could thi s be related to the migraine?


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Haysi - I guess it could be or could be something else entirely - you would do best to go and get it checked out. My husband had those symptoms, together with a lot of other strange symptoms - they diagnosed him with A-typical migraines which he personally feels was a lot of rot. We eventually stumbled ourselves on what was causing it. He has an allergy or intolerance to anything with a perfume, e.g. shampoo, soaps, washing powder and fabric conditioner and strangely some types of materials (Dyes or bleaches?). Since he/we stopped using those things he doesn't really get it so much any more. If he wears something he shouldn't though, it immediately comes back. I am not saying that this is necessarily your problem, but it wouldn't hurt to try using non perfumed stuff for a couple of days to see if it helps. He had no history of anything like this, just started suddenly in his mid forties.
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Hi annie0000, I've been keeping a migraine diary lately as they've been quite severe as I'm back to square one in trying to identify what's triggering them. As for being intolerant of perfume/soap and the likes I hadn't thought of that.
I've had one or two over the years, mainly when I was a child and relatively few as an adult - not enough to identify any trigger but the are the most miserable thing, you have my sympathy. My OH is certainly a lot better but it can be frustrating with the clothes, we end up ordering expensive t-shirts from the states as these are the only ones that he is sure he can wear. Everything else is a hit or miss. We use Surcare washing powder - the only completely unperfumed one I have found and he uses just basic bars of soap for washing, being a man he does his hair with that as well as it is cropped short. I think that simple may do something suitable but he finds liquids not as good as solids so the shower gel is not to bad, but the bars of soap are better. As I say, no idea if this will help, but maybe something else to track in your diary. e.g. used whatever body products, wore whatever clothes etc.
I have only occasionally had migraines over the years, and most were visual migraines without the headache.

My last one was the worst, and I think it was caused by caffeine. I had virtually stopped having any caffeine for different reasons. However one morning I had a fairly strong cup of coffee and later that day was in a hell of a state.
If the numbness and pins and needles in you left arm are present when you are not having a migraine, then you need to see your Dr as it is unlikely that they are associated.

However, if they only appear wit the onset of migraine then the arm and hand symptoms are certainly due to migraine.
Migraine Haysi?? Don't you mean HANGOVER?!
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Migraine headaches

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