Squad are you there? Labour question

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mummyhodge | 20:18 Tue 16th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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My little sister has just had her waters break, she says it keeps gushing out and everytime she laughs she leaks, she is getting contractions she says are every 5 minutes from each other, but lasting over a minute each. Her hospital had closed all the wards due to C.Diff, but have told her to call back in 48 hours if the baby's not there yet, she is 20 and quite short and overweight also, I was under the impression that if all the waters had broken (front and hind) that the mother was to be monitered incase of the baby becoming in distress, she also has very high blood pressure and protien in her urine, and had a urine infection starting Friday. What is your advice, she is still munching away on food btw!
Thanks x


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sorry.. is the hospital expecting her to have the baby at home?
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she's gone in now, hopefully all will be ok. will let you know!
By now the baby will be born......if it's a boy then sqad is a nice name ;-)
How do you pronounce it Sqad? Sqaaad? Squad? Sqodd? it is unusual, is it English or from somewhere exotic and has it a meaning?

jemma...LOL......boring explanation.

My interest is Bomber Command WW2 and my initial username was Sqad617, which was the Dambuster squadron of the Ruhr valley raids.

I was banned (not my fault ;-)) and I could get my original username back so, I shortened it to sqad.

Sorry it is not more exciting.
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baby Dylan was born at 5am, second stage of labour only 10 mins! (that's the raspberry leaf tea i was giving her!) 7lb1oz, had to be helped to breathe at birth but all ok now and the c.diff's just been lifted so ppl can visit again, :) baby not awake coz she asked not to be given Pethedine so they gave her Methedene instead!! Sneaky bastards she wanted the baby alert!! but all ok will see her later. xXx
Congratulations to all

Congrats..! :)
Mamyalynne how do you get those little hearts? I've seen you use them before... is it a trick or have you got them on your key-board? I want some.
BTW Hugs and Congratulations mummyhodge. x x x


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Squad are you there? Labour question

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