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MrPahoehoe | 18:55 Mon 06th Jul 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Hi. I've been having some problems with my knee recently - it hurts when I put my weight on my leg and my knee is bent.

A friend has recommended I try the dietry supplement Mega Cissus. I've had a look on the net, but can only find reviews on the sites that sell the product. I don't want to sound paranoid, but the one he recommended is a refined product called "Mega Cissus - 50% Ketosterone", which looks to be quite a bit stronger than the 'natural product', which is something like 6% ketosterone. This drug seems very new and sounds pretty untested, so I was wondering if any medical professionals have heard of any potential risks/sideaffects of taking such a strong version of the drug?

Thanks, MrP


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MrP do not be stupid.
Ketosterone is a steroid which may have it's place in arthritic conditons.
You do not know the cause of your knee pain.
See you GP for a diagnosis.
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Thanks - I've seen my GP, who told me to go to for physiotheraphy, but suggested little else, I will obviously ask the physiotherapist, but i was wondering if anyone knew antyhing about Mega Cissus.

BTW - this is a legal drug/vitamin, so i don't think it is that stupid to suggest i should take it....unless you mean my paranoia is stupid, in which case fair play., your stupidity is prescrbing for yourself when there is no diagnosis......that's stupid.

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