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kmgirl123 | 11:05 Thu 13th Sep 2007 | Health & Fitness
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I had the coil inserted 3 weeks ago last Tuesday and since I have been continuely bleeding everyday in the form of a heavy period. Is this normal?


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I had my first Mirena coil fitted 7 years ago and was told that it would stop me having periods. The doc did say that it could take a while to settle down and I could experience some bleeding for quite a while. What an understatement!
I had what seemed like a heavy period for 4 months! It eventually tapered off and I didn't bleed again. I had to have the coil replaced 2 years ago and I was dreading going through the same thing but I only had a slight bleed for 1 day. I've a couple of friends who've had this coil fitted and their heavy bleeding has lasted from a month up to six months. It is normal, but if you are worried or feel you are becoming anaemic, seek medical advice.
Good luck.
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Thank you so much for your answer, I found it incredibly painful having it put in and I was concerned if I went to the Drs they would just want to remove it again and I didnt like the idea of that.

Was your coil the copper one, because mine is. I dont know if that is what is referred to as the Mirena coil.

Many thanks
They are totally different. The copper coil is simply a contraceptive. I tried one years ago and my periods went from bad to horrendous - some months they lasted for 21 days. After six months I had it removed & went on the pill.
The Mirena coil is made of plastic and contains a microscopic capsule which slowly releases the hormone progesterone. The coil acts as a contraceptive and the hormone does away with periods altogether. The Mirena lasts for 5 years.
If you are not happy, I'd advise you go back to your GP.

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Contraceptive coil

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