does driving ruin your eyesight?

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VannaB | 01:13 Mon 14th May 2007 | Health & Fitness
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I am a field sales rep and drive all day long.
A colleague of mine told me that in our job, that much driving can take it's toll on your eyesight and it's worth getting it checked.

Is this true? Does driving all day affect your eye sight? Should I go get an eye test? Also, if I did need glasses for driving, is it also true that by wearing glasses you make your eyes dependent on them and in some way it makes your eyesight worsem?


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my friend calls me a merchant banker, it sure does play havoc with my eyesight. try eating more carrots!
As long as you have your eyesight checked regulalry and wear specs / contacts if prescribed, you should be OK.

Make sure you take rests frequently, and try to rest as in closing your eyes for 15 - 20 minutes at a time to rest your vision properly.
Absolute rubbish but you should get your eyes tested. If you need specs/contacts then they will help you and have no detrimental effect.
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Got my eyes tested today.

20/20 vision and any deteriation is so minute it's virtuallyplain glass. Optician says I've probably another 15 years before I'll need them.

Glad I gotchecked-also a tad sad I don't get to buy groovy glasses!

Thanks for the advice

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does driving ruin your eyesight?

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