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Jamjar74 | 13:38 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Health & Fitness
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I have recently been having a very itchy reaction to deodorants. I have tried Dove and Simple but still get the same itchy reaction. Do anyone know of another brand for "very sensitive" skin.

Many thanks


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is it deodorant or anti antiperspirant?
I have had to give up using any kind of deoderant because all of them (and I tried LOADS) made my skin itch unbearably. I shower daily (sometimes twice a day) and use talc on my underarms.
I have used Salt of the Earth and currently IceGuard.
I have extremely dry skin and found spray deodorants very irritating.
The IceGuard stick comprises of some type of hard salt and is applied like a roll on. Certainy works for me. No stains on shirts or most importantly No odours.
This will stop you sweating for weeks. Put on at night (will be stupidly itchy) then wash off in morn, and you won't sweat. I used it as a pubescent
White shirts at school straight after gym?? That was a life saver ^^
Aloe vera products I find excellent. Most other sorts are too irritating for me. There is a specialist manufacturer but I can't remember the name. But Body Shop do one.
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Thank you all so very much for all your answers, I am sure one will suit me. I think I shall try the Sanex first.

Thank you once again, kind regards.
I'm the same as you and use these Dr Organics. Chemical free. They work a treat, no itching, long lasting and smell good. I buy them from Holland and Barrett, but you could get them online from various outlets.
I cant use Dove, it brings me out in an horrific rash, I use the Nivea Pearl or manthing's Kiehls anti perspirant deodorant cream.

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