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albaqwerty | 11:10 Tue 06th Nov 2018 | Health & Fitness
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Does there have to be some kidney function for dialysis to be effective?

I don't think there does, but Mr Alba thinks there has to be.

It's concerning my FIL, thanks.


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in acute renal failure, both kidneys may shut down leaving no kidney function and in this case, dialysis may well be a life saver........for a time .
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Thanks sqad x

Have no idea yet if they are considering dialysis.
85 yr old, now needs 24/7 care, catheterised, also has copd amongst other issues.
Mis-diagnosed as diabetic for nigh on 20 years.

Outlook not promising, but age and illness come.
Well......difficult decision.
Aged 85 years....dialysis may give you 2 days of feeling well per week, for 4 or 5 days you will still not be well.
Is it worth it?
Additionally, dialysis itself may not be that pleasant an experience.
My first thought is Why would they? It seems too interventionist considering his age and performance score. Is it FIL or someone else in the family pushing for all active treatment. guess is that he has Stage 5 CKD and it is a straight choice of living with it OR dialysis.
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apologies for delay in replying.

the daughter is pushing for dialysis and for putting him in a care home.

Can't see him suitable for dialysis, catheter seems best option.

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