Gerd Medicine For Persistant Cough

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Budlet | 16:15 Tue 16th Oct 2018 | Health & Fitness
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I have had a dry, non-productive cough for some time now and finally saw a doctor yesterday. She did a peak flow test which was "not brilliant but ok" and she sent me for a chest x-ray. She also prescribed some tablets - Lansoprazole - which having researched is for people with acid reflux. How is this going to help a cough?


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Laryngopharyngeal reflux can be the cause of hoarseness or a chronic cough. (That's not written just as the result of a bit of googling; it's a problem I've had myself):
Let us assume that Gerd is the cause of your cough which may or may not be the case, then the cough is explained as follows.
The acid from the stomach is leaking from the incompetent valve of the stomach into your gullet and the reflex causes you to cough via a nerve called the vagus nerve OR the stomach acid is passing up the gullet and spilling over into your voice box OR both of those mechanisms.

The tablets that you have been prescribed reduces the amount of gastric juice which is being produced, reduces the leakage and hence reduces the cough.
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Thanks very much for the answers. You have managed to explain it better than the doc! Thanks again
Don't get too excited with our answers Budlet as i would never accept a diagnosis of Gerd without a camera investigation ( gastrsocopy)

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Gerd Medicine For Persistant Cough

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