Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

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Kaybythebay | 10:04 Sat 20th Oct 2018 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, I'm 5'7 46 years old, I exercise everyday, such as body combat, body pump, use the treadmill, cross-trainer, do body-pump classes (using weights), swimming, fellwalking, I work in a care home so I'm more or less on my feet for 7 hours, I'm a vegetarian, so live off fruit and veg, I don't drink alcohol, so why am I putting weight on instead of losing weight? thank you for your replies xxx


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Could it be because you are building your muscle mass? Muscle is very heavy in comparison to fat and you are doing a lot of muscle building exercise
Just a guess, but it may well be menopausal in origin, as you lifestyle and diet seem to be fine.
Weight gain in middle age is often seen as the norm, isn't it, but the menopause is one hormonal factor for weight gain.
I presume that yopu feel well in yourself.
Monitor the situation and don't worry.
Fruit and veg convert to sugar. Where do you get protein from?
As hc says, you may be building muscle mass.
How much do you weigh?
Try swapping some fruit for protein. Reduce weights increase cardio. Find a body mass analyser and see if body fat is the problem.

You didn't say how much you weigh I wonder if you are aiming for an unrealistic target.
I was losing weight quickly til I started the gym, I have lost fat gained muscle, lost inches not pounds. It will shift back at some point.
What do you drink, please don't say fruit juice and smoothies that would be too easy. Beware of fruit sugar in drinks with no added sugar, it can still be quite high.
What difference does it make what she weighs, the important thing is that she is GAINING weight.........;-)?
Because she may have body dismorphia, I suppose.
I wondered if she was being unrealistic in what she wanted to achieve. Her present weight would be a starting point.
Zacs......right.........didn't think of mean that she only IMAGINES that she is gaining weight?

she doesn't say she wants to lose weight, she's just wondering why the opposite seems to be happening.
" so why am I putting weight on instead of losing weight?"

Tilly.......she can't be more concise than that ;-)
jno....BINGO !
Sqad, no, I meant more that she was underweight and she was gaining weight to get to her correct BMI but she wasn’t seeing it as that.
Apologies, Kay. I’m making assumptions but you do seem rather health obsessed.
It is implied that she wants to lose weight rather than gaining it.

At least that's my inference.
mine too tilly, from the op ...
//so why am I putting weight on instead of losing weight? //
Hopefully Kay will return and answer some of our questions. We are assuming Kay is female.
Sqad, slimming clubs and gyms are full not only of overweight people but those who are already a perfectly healthy weight but want to lose weight to match up to unrealistic ideals. The whole wanna be like thing.
Why ? Because you are consuming more than you burn.
CICO...calories in calories more complicated than that. And, as others have said, Kay may very well be building muscle. We don't know by how much weight is increasing, or if it's out of correct range. Or if measurements have changed, which often hapoens. Kay may still be at a healthy weight.

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

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