Something Positive. Exercise Works

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rowanwitch | 12:37 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Health & Fitness
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With regular exercise I have improved my peak flow from 300 to 400, 33% improvement. If nothing else that benefit is worth the effort. So any other asthmatics out there, please be encouraged. I am now just touching the normal range for my age and height. I can really feel a difference.


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Frankie is asthmatic, I gave up trying to get him to use his inhaler - he gets prednisolone each day.

Good luck to you - my mum was asthmatic and developed emphysema. She died when she was 58. She had been a smoker.
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Perhaps Frankie needs a little treadmill to get more exercise
That is brilliant Rowan... being an asthmatic myself (and yes embarrassingly a smoker) I walk pretty much everywhere to keep oneself fit... my football days are gone-ish ;-) with my peak flow meter it reads a bout 550+ I had a check-up last week+ flu jab. Even though I look after a lot of animals etc... to me it is the exercise however, shape, or form... that keeps one a little fitter.
It's not quite the same for chronic asthma. Exercise does help a bit, but doesn't give spectacular results. My maximum peak flow is about 220. After 45 years with chronic asthma I have lung damage which can't be reversed, so the amount of effective exercise I can do is fairly limited.
jno - an underwater treadmill might have a negative effect on my physical wellbeing. I would end up clawed to death.

Keep up the good work Mrs Witch, keep the broomstick parked in the drive and walk.

I should follow my own advice - I am unable to walk any distance and am constantly exhausted.

It's good for depression too. I used to drag a friend out on walks every day when he was struggling. I knew he was getting better when he stopped fighting me and was waiting for me to arrive. I hated it, I don't do exercise but friends are important.
helps me :-)
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I agree with the depression thing. Sometimes it is really hard to get off the sofa but I always feel better when I do
My mum was asthmatic all through my childhood. Then she got a bike and cycled everywhere. Now the only trigger to her asthma is cats.
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Well done Ummms mum.
Full house, Rowan!
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Til you ruined it
Well done RW.
I’d also promote cycling where possible, significantly lower impact on joints.

Just sayin’......
Soz :-((
@ SD 09:38
@RW 10:09


Couldn't agree more, wish someone could gently toe me into line some days. I'm pretty good with motivating others.
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Cycling if you have always done it or live in a quiet area, bit hazardous starting out in your 60s in a big city

I have to kick my own *** sometimes

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Something Positive. Exercise Works

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