1St Flu Jab Ever.....bleugh

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Smowball | 19:22 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Health & Fitness
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Had my first one ever on Thursday morn at insistence of my doctor as my asthma hasn’t been great lately and he said I was very susceptible. Said I was unlikely to have any side effects but take paracetamol just incase. Fri am and splitting headache, shivering one sec, soaking wet and hot the next, hurt all over from eyes to skin. First time I’ve left bed since yesterday and feel I’ve been hit by a truck.
Sheer coincidence or is it to do with the jab?


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I don't believe in coincidences...;-)
i have never had a bad experience with a jab but i seem to hear of loads of people who do.
Might be to do with the jab.....I usually get some side effects but even yours are better than getting the flu!
I sometimes have a snuffle after the flu-jab - but nothing like you describe.

Actually this winter's had zero negative impact on me.

But that's anecdotal - the stats say "it may be related" ... "or not"
Nor I or anyone I know bednobs .
I had a bad experience like you smow, in fact it put me off having the jab for a couple of years. Last year took the plunge again and it was ok.
My sis doesn’t and my late mum who was very frail never had any side effects. I get the hot red vac site and am often a bit floaty for 24 hours. This year was odd. I had a few days when I could not stay awake for more than a few hours...fine otherwise.
Have had the flu jab for several years as I'm asthmatic but, apart from a bit of a sore lump have not had any side effects. However, several people I know have had flu like symptoms for a few days afterwards.

Been having Jab since 09 no ill effects what so ever.
Just had mine this morning. I’m fine. It’s never bothered me.
Never had one, so no ill effects.
Here's the official line:

I'll become eligible for the jab next winter but I've still not decided whether to have it or not.

Get well soon, Smow!
I've been eligible for the flu jab since 1997.....and decided never to have it....just my gut feeling which has proved very reliable.....get better soon, Smow...x
I buy one because I live alone with two dogs and having real flu would be difficult to say the least. I have had it twice in my life and am not aiming for the hat trick!
Never had one - they always seem to choose the wrong flu virus. Badly wrong again this time...
I'm shocked anyone who is eligible refuses the flu vaccination ...
// Nor I or anyone I know bednobs .//
yeah a few frenz said they had had reactions

//I don't believe in coincidences...;-)//
then you must believe in God
( everything has a cause and he is the Final Cause)
He I mean
yeah I know that this is the vac thread and not the health froo faith thread.
//I'm shocked anyone who is eligible refuses the flu vaccination .//

yeah I must know a lot of crazies - few of them
they splattered their bottoms all over the lavatory pan a few weeks later whilst I shouted loudly thro the bathroom door - this is Gods judgement on stupidity and obstinacy ....
That post makes no sense whatsoever pp.
Sorry to hear you've had a reaction Smow, hope it soon passes.

My experience at worst has been a very sore arm.

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1St Flu Jab Ever.....bleugh

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